Enterprise guest WiFi solutions for hospitality, apartment buildings, and large public spaces


Leading enterprise guest WiFi solutions

We have been providing public and guest WiFi solutions for over a decade. From market-leading brands to fast-growing businesses, we manage many millions of internet connections every year.

Our aim is to provide safe and secure WiFi that is easy to deploy, simple to manage, and gets people online quickly with the minimum amount of effort. Everything we do is driven by a passion for innovation and to help our customers to improve their guest’s experience, increase visitor satisfaction and loyalty, and to generate additional revenue.

Our hospitality-focused guest WiFi solutions enable venues to integrate the data we collect with their other systems, such as CRM, PRS, and marketing platforms. We can work with your development and technology teams to assist with your innovation, enabling you to deliver a personalised digital experience from the moment a returning guest walks through the door.

The MyAirangel Advanced Networking tools have applications in hospitality (Hotel Home Experience), PRS apartment blocks and Multi-dwelling Units, and in Conference an Exhibition Centres. Our unique innovation allows each guest, or resident, to have their own personal private network. WiFi users can connect all of their devices and stream media to their Smart TVs or devices such as Chromecasts. Conference centres can quickly set up conference zones with their own SSIDs and settings specific to each event’s requirements.

The team of technology experts behind MyAirangel, our cloud managed platform, have a sole purpose – to stay on the cutting edge of advancements in WiFi and to deliver a solution that will delight your guests.

Much more than just

guest WiFi



We have a range of login methods including social, short form or ‘auto login’


Admin + Reporting

Collect key demographic data to gain practical insights about your customers


Access Packages

Packages are easy to set up and manage. You can set both free and premium packages and options to upgrade


Personal Area Networks

Each guest have their own private network that follows them from venue to venue


Conference Manager

Event organisers can offer secure and encrypted WiFi that is simple to administer


Guest Engagement

Engage with your guests when they’re at your venue with Injection Jet technology


Cloud Authentication

Our cloud authentication engine enables, in-brand, guest roaming


Bandwidth and Network Management

Ensure all guests and visitors have a satisfying experience


Guest and Venue Support

24/7 support from our dedicated team of experts

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