Why Airangel WiFi ?


Providing an ethical public WiFi service

Every day there are stories in the press how criminals are hacking into public WiFi networks in order to steal usernames, passwords and other personal information. In addition, some of the “community” public WiFi providers are selling their users’ online data and related information to 3rd party advertising agencies.

Airangel has positioned itself as an ethical public WiFi provider who is taking an active stance in protecting their clients guest users’ Privacy and Security online. Our recent partnership with F-Secure strengthens this positioning and further differentiates Airangel from other public WiFi providers.

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The who, why and where

We’re a team of wireless innovators who have been providing WiFi solutions for over 12 years. We’re backed by a dedicated in-house team of Engineers, Developers, Support Technicians, Technical Account Managers and Marketeers.

Airangel WiFi has positioned itself as an ethical public WiFi provider, taking an active stance in protecting both our users and customer’s privacy and security online. Unlike most public WiFi solution providers that make money selling your users online profile and behaviour to 3rd party agencies and advertising companies.

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WiFi Services

In today’s fast moving world, your customers need to be able to access the Internet whenever and wherever. If the “wherever” happens to be in your venue, Airangel can help make the connection.

Just providing guest & public WiFi simply isn’t enough anymore. You need to be able to control, personalise, and socialise the customer experience. And that’s where we come in.

When it comes to WiFi we don’t compromise. We’re here to make your customer’s WiFi experience the best it can be. With an Airangel network, your customer’s can benefit from fast, secure, Internet browsing accessed on their terms. No fuss. No stress.

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Hospitality WiFi

MyAirangel was born from the hospitality sector and providing hospitality WiFi remains a major focus of our development plan going forward.

Retail WiFi

Retail customers need and expect in-store Retail WiFi to be available everywhere. Our solutions offer many advanced features.

Outdoor WiFi

We have vast experience of outdoor WiFi and even provide WiFi to the Caravan Club throughout the UK.

Social WiFi

Coffee shops, Bars, Restaurants and even Nightclubs can all benefit from our bespoke public WiFi Solutions.

Learn how our WiFi Solutions can work for your business

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Introducing MyAirangel

Cloud based WiFi Management Cloud based WiFi management

The real value of the MyAirangel platform is that it is hardware agnostic; our overlay service allows MyAirangel to work across most hardware solutions

MyAirangel is real. It’s here and now, and is already being used by hundreds of Airangel WiFi clients across Hospitality, Leisure, Retail, and Corporate sectors.

At the heart of Airangel is a dashboard control panel – MyAirangel, an easy-to-use management tool that gives you ultimate control of your WiFi infrastructure. A 360 degree view of you WiFi network, an administration tool, a marketing suite and an analytical dashboard all in one.

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Showcasing your work is important for most of us. Both easy and flexible, X comes with the option to have multiple unique portfolio pages so you can be creative with your creatives.

Learn how our WiFi Solutions can work for your business

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Sharing your content on different platforms is getting more and more popular. In addition, having social interaction with your content will increase the exposure Google and other search engines will send your way. That’s why we integrated social sharing in X to get the most out of you when it comes to keep and increase your followers. Enjoy a very customized and tailored approach to social sharing, the X way.

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The Internet has a love-hate relationship with images. The good stuff: they’re beautiful, engaging, and can liven up any post or page by supplementing your content. The bad bits: they’re big, bloated, and slow down your web page (especially on mobile devices). While no perfect solution exists (although many are being proposed and worked on), X does most of the dirty work for you so that you don’t have to worry about this as much. Simply select your layout and how wide you want your content area to be in the Customizer, and X takes care of the rest! X will compute the size of your content area and create perfectly proportioned thumbnails specifically tailored around your options. As web technologies improve, you can rest assured that X will always be using the latest and greatest that is out there to ensure that you and your visitors receive the best (and snappiest) experience on the Internet.

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X features the inclusion WAI-ARIA (Web Accessibility Initiative – Accessible Rich Internet Applications) roles throughout all of our templates, ensuring that your site conforms to the latest accessibility standards set forth by the W3C. This greatly benefits users who browse the web using assistive devices—such as screen readers—to quickly and efficiently find your content and scan through your site with ease.

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Developing and selling a theme is not enough. We believe the real value in buying a theme is the product support and the updates that come after you have bought X today. Our team is quick to address any potential bugs, make sure the entire theme is compatible with the latest version of WordPress, and committed to the addition of new features and functionality. The bottom line, we want you to be with us for the long haul!

Learn how our WiFi Solutions can work for your business

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Why select Airangel as your WiFi provider?

Why MyAirangel?

Designed with hospitality in mind

MyAirangel was born from the hospitality sector and remains a major focus of our development plan going forward.

Bespoke WiFi Portals with your branding

We personalise the online journey by creating responsive “branded” user portals.

The data collected is yours

Unlike many other Wi-Fi vendors, all data collected is provided to you and only you.

Core features of MyAirangel

Data Analysis

MyAirangel collects a huge amount of data for your hotel. Including names and emails, social interactions, the amount of data transferred, how many users have selected a specific package, what device are most guests using. Plus many other valuable data variables. This data can then be used by your marketing team and business as a whole.


MyAirangel monitors how much bandwidth your hotel is using and how much bandwidth your guests use and what are the busy times of day.

Network monitoring

Our system gives you the ability to monitor your infrastructure 24/7 from any location in the world as long as you have an internet connection and you can log into MyAirangel

The power is in our platform

Bespoke Solution

Built from the ground up by our in-house development team, MyAirangel is your cloud based WiFi control panel. This powerful interface allows you to manage your WiFi infrastructure, keep a track on user statistics, and update your WiFi portal with fresh content and information. Most importantly it allows you to gain an advantage over your competitors by harnessing all the FREE marketing data you’ll be collecting on a daily basis via social marketing and data capture.


Flexibility and choice of login options, Airangel give Hoteliers complete control over their billing strategies, Internet access durations, download quota, bandwidth speed – every aspect of the authentication process.

Billing tools

Our system offers guests and visitors a highly secure, reliable, easy to use forms of payment using either PayPal or WorldPay. No card information is transmitted via the internet without encryption, ensuring security.

WiFi Sectors

Airangel has been providing public
WiFi solutions for over 12 years