How do I connect to the WiFi?

When you are in a WiFi accessible area, navigate to the WiFi management area on your chosen device. Connect to the site WiFi and, depending on the package your venue supplies, you will be taken to a portal page which will prompt you to sign in or register.

How Do I Log Out?

To log out of the internet: Type logout.net into your web address bar and click the ‘log off’ button. This will pause your current session

Is the connection secure?

All of our networks are open networks as they are designed so that everybody can get access to them quickly and easily. We would recommend that you take some basic steps to protect yourself and your devices whilst using our network.

  • Install robust and upgradable anti-virus software and firewalls
  • Ensure you turn off automatic login facilities
  • Use a secure VPN if connecting to a corporate network
  • Ensure your computer is password protected
  • Don’t leave your laptop unattended in a public place or lock it if possible
  • If you have to enter any personal information or perhaps credit/debit card details, make sure that the website you are using is secure (check for the padlock icon in your browser)

My wireless device cannot find the wireless network

Many laptops have a small switch or software setting to turn on the WiFi radio card, please check your manual.

My wireless device connects to the wireless network but after I move the signal gets weak

This is a shared service and whilst we try to ensure high-speed access we can’t guarantee maximum bandwidth.

I can receive email from my existing Internet Service Provider (ISP) email account but not send it.

Some ISPs require that you have different email settings to send email when on another network, we suggest you contact your ISP for further information.

I see lots of programs that I can download from the internet such as icons for emails and security checks.

Many of these programs are spyware, please do not download any programs unless you are very sure of the provider.

Can I use streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime?

This depends entirely on the type of package the venue is giving to its customers. The network is usually designed for simple browsing as It’s a shared network and therefore bandwidth is being split between users logged in at the same time which can make streaming difficult.

Can I connect to the internet using my games console?

Again this depends on the package available to you. We would not recommend this due to the amount of bandwidth these types of systems demand. Also, many gaming systems do not have a browser environment which means you will not be able to login through the portal page, although we are constantly looking to improve things in the future.

Why is it so slow to download content every evening and to Skype my friends?

Many sites suffer from limited bandwidth (or capacity), due to their location. At peak times, when most people are using the service, there may be more pronounced delays than on average. This will especially be true of bandwidth hungry applications such as Skype.

Why is the login page not opening on connection to the WiFi?

If the device is attempting to contact a https site, i.e. Google or Hotmail, then redirect to bbc.co.uk or sky.com