Market leading WiFi solutions for campsites, holiday parks

and large outdoor spaces

Visitors want to stay connected

Guest WiFi has become a standard request for travellers and holidaymakers and their decision on which destination to choose may be influenced by the availability of good a quality WiFi connection. Holiday parks and leisure destinations are no exception. By providing WiFi may mean the difference between visitors selecting a hotel stay, or enjoying the outdoor experience complimented by the ability to stay connected.

Deploying Wi­Fi technology across an outdoor estate requires specialised knowledge and the right equipment. There are numerous factors to consider that affect the location, quantity and type of wireless equipment needed, and the design of the network.  Considerations include: the site layout and the location of existing buildings and infrastructure, if there are trees and other obstructions present that may interfere with signals, the contours and gradients of the land, and the number of visitors and connected devices expected to be using the network.

Airangel have over a decade of experience in designing and delivering the best possible outdoor WiFi networks. Our team of experts will carry out detailed surveys to work out exactly what your site needs to ensure that guests have a good quality, site-wide connection. We will help to maximise the experience even when there is limited bandwidth available to site.

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Benefits for site owners:

  • Providing WiFi Services will attract new customers to the park
  • Providing internet access may give you a competitive advantage over other parks in your area
  • Business people and millennials want to remain in contact with what’s going on
  • Engage with your visitors via our Injection Jets to promote site services, generate additional revenue, and allow for third party sponsorship from local attractions
  • Collect contact data and email addresses of logged in guest for future marketing campaigns
  • Generate revenue from providing a premium upgrade with extended time online or more bandwidth
  • Wi­Fi availability can also help improve ratings on visitor feedback sites