The 3 Most Important Aspects of Guest WiFi

Guest WiFi is a useful feature in many businesses ranging from hotels to healthcare centers. Despite being considered a must-have at this point, many businesses still miss the mark with WiFi.

Whether you are setting up a public network or updating your existing one, these are the three most important aspects to consider:

1. Security

When providing free Internet, nothing is more important than safety. The features you provide will bring in new clients. However, lax security can be very dangerous for your business and your customers.

Keeping everything running smoothly and safely is paramount. There are several steps you must take:

  • Separate guest and employee networks. Doing this is necessary as it ensures the safety of your corporate network. You can achieve this either physically or virtually. Physical separation is expensive, but it also provides more security than virtual separation.
  • Ensure protection against malware. Viruses and malware pose a threat to your business as well as your customers. If one of your clients becomes the victim of a malware attack or identity theft, the reputation of your company can suffer greatly.
  • Secure mobile devices. Most people accessing your network will do it on mobile devices. The threat here is that said devices often access the Internet through apps. Your security measures might not cover these apps, meaning that the users are open to threats.
  • Only allow appropriate network use. Some people might use guest WiFi for illegal activities. You must enforce an acceptable user policy. Criminal activity on your network can even lead to legal actions against your company.
  • Always keep the security up-to-date. An outdated security system is much more likely to suffer a cyber attack than an updated one. To ensure the safety of the network, check for updates often.

2. Promoting the Guest WiFi

People often do not realize that you offer a public network in the first place. To ensure client satisfaction, inform your guests about all the services you provide. Guest WiFi is useful for your customers only if they are using it. You need to promote the network.

You can achieve this in many ways. Here are some practical methods you can use:

  • Have your employees advertise public WiFi. The first step is to inform the employees of the benefits the network brings. Make sure they fully understand. The employees can mention and encourage the use of WiFi whenever they interact with customers.
  • Hang window clings. Signs on the windows advertising the network can substantially increase its usage. It’s inexpensive and efficient
  • Use social media. It is always a good idea to promote the guest network on social media. A large number of people will see it, and they can easily share the post with their friends.

To increase client satisfaction through guest WiFi, the customers need to know about it. Use these methods and after a short time, most patrons will understand and use your network.

3. The Unique Experience

One of your primary goals when providing public WiFi should be to differentiate your company from the competition. Form a lasting impression on your customers by offering them something they will not get anywhere else.

One way you can do this is by distributing exclusive content through the guest WiFi. What you share with your clients should be interesting and relevant, but still represent your brand. This content should be exclusive to your public network.

Another great incentive is offering rewards that can only be claimed inside the premises by connecting to the network. This method will have a powerful impact on your clients as they are receiving something free of charge as well as using the guest WiFi.

The unique experience will make your company stand out from the rest. They will also be much more likely to do business with you again.

The Effects of a Robust Public Network

By focusing on these three aspects, your business will thrive. The number of clients will rise, and they will appreciate the company a great deal more. To achieve this, though, you need to find the best guest WiFi provider.

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