5 Features Retailers Need to Think about when Offering Wireless Networking

Nowadays, people always want to stay connected to the rest of the world. Since Internet cables aren’t an option when you’re outside the house, the best solution is wireless networking.

On the same subject, retailers have a great deal to gain by providing their customers with WiFi. They’ll love you for it, and they’ll be more likely to buy from you.

But before you start giving outWiFi access, you need to take the proper precautions. Here are five features you should think about when deciding what services you’ll offer:

1. Wireless Networking Security

WiFi has great potential to do good, but it can also be dangerous if the network doesn’t have reliable security. A lot of valuable data will go through the network between employees. Also, customers will use their credit cards to pay.

To keep all this secure, it’s paramount that you handle wireless networking with care.

Your network has to be up-to-date on security updates and PCI-Compliant. It will ensure that you and your customers are safe from credit card number thefts and malware.

2. Ease of Access

To increase both customer and employee satisfaction, make sure they can access the network with ease. Just about everyone has smartphones these days, and they will want to use the WiFi you provide without any hassle so make sure they can do it.

Wireless networking loses much of its charm if people can only use in-store devices or if it takes too much time to access the network.

You want as many people as possible to connect so make sure the process is fast and easy.

It will also make employees happier as well since they will want to be able to browse the Internet freely.

3. Internet Speed

Make sure that customers are enjoying the browsing experience and that employees can do their job. Consider just how many people will be using the network simultaneously. Get the necessary equipment to support that number at a decent speed.

Having to wait for something to load can be quite annoying. It will surely decrease customer satisfaction.

High-speed wireless networking is the way to go. It may be more expensive, but client satisfaction and increased sales will make up for the costs.

4. Heatmaps and Footfall Reports

Another significant investment is a Location & Presence Module. It gives you the ability to see where customers tend to spend the majority of their time and the routes they take inside your store.

This information can be quite invaluable. Based on it, you can change the placement of products or even the layout of the shop to maximize efficiency.

Here’s an example: Placing a new product where customers tend to stay the most will raise its sales. You can also reduce congestion if you know where it forms.

5. Personalized customer engagement

Wireless networking also provides you with information about the customers themselves. You will know the kinds of products they like and will be able to send them specific offers and ads.

You can also ask them for their email address, offering coupons or other rewards in exchange. Then, you will be able to send them catalogs and other relevant information.

This way, you offer them more incentive to do business with you.

Another thing to try is giving clients the option to get a discount if they share your store on social media. It will raise brand awareness and bring in new customers.

As you can see, your business stands to gain very much from a wireless network. Your only concern now is getting the right equipment and support.

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