5 Major Advantages of Hospitality WiFi

There are many ways a hotel can increase client satisfaction. None of them are as efficient as offering hospitality WiFi, though. Public networks, however, have many uses besides making guests happy. Here are the five most significant advantages you get from public WiFi.

1. Guests Love Hospitality WiFi

A few years ago, tenants would ask the receptionist if they provide Internet access. Today, they are more likely to ask how fast the Internet connection is. People see hospitality WiFi as a given at this point and their experience at the hotel heavily depends on it.

The Internet of Things becomes larger each day, and your guests can benefit from this. A public network will allow them to do what they please on their phones. They can control the TV, room temperature, air conditioner, lights and many other appliances.

There is also the fact that many tenants will want to stream videos, post on social media, watch movies and do many other things. Give your guests the possibility to do all this without effort and they will love your hotel for it.

2. It Promotes Customer Loyalty

One of the best ways to convince people to visit again is free, robust WiFi. Internet speed is one of the things guests don’t forget after staying at a hotel.

You could offer returning guests access to a faster public network as a reward for their loyalty. People want to know that companies personally care about them.

Rewards are some of the best methods of showing that you care about your guests. Offering your tenants more than they expect is a surefire way of turning them into loyal customers.

3. Hospitality WiFi Strengthens the Bond between Your Company and Your Guests

Your public network can act as a bridge between your business and the tenants. We at AirAngel are working on a new service: the Personal Area Network. With it, your guests will be able to instantly connect to the Hospitality WiFi network at any of your hotels. They will feel like they never really left.

This ease of access will make a powerful impression on your clients. Being immediately recognized by the public network will help them feel at home.

Make your guests’ experience as pleasant as possible and they will start seeing your hotel as more than just a business.

4. It Enhances Guests’ Browsing Experience

An engagement module can bring you many advantages. You can promote your company’s services and collect feedback directly through your guests’ browsers.

Tenants will never miss a special offer again because you will remind them on your network. You will be able to ensure that all their needs are met.

Customer feedback is important for any business. Asking guests to fill a quick survey will grant you valuable data and ideas on how to improve your services.

This method is also much more efficient than asking people to fill out forms when they check out.


5. Hospitality WiFi Raises Staff Efficiency

The bellhops and cleaning staff no longer have to keep their eyes peeled at all times. Hospitality WiFi gives guests the option to call for housekeeping or a porter on the network.

The minute a room needs cleaning or someone checks out, your staff is notified, and they can prepare the suite for the next guest. The rooms will be clean and ready for the next people faster.

Your staff will also receive notifications whenever a guest needs something. They might want help with their luggage or maybe something to eat. WiFi can replace the suite phone.

As you can see, hospitality WiFi is a win-win situation for both you and your guests. With the right equipment, you can benefit from all the advantages we enumerated.

We offer top quality services. With our help, your clients will be happier than ever, and the business will thrive. Check out our list of services or request a demo and see what suits your company the best.

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