Why Campsites Need to Offer Guest WiFi

Camping has always been a favorite pastime for those wanting to escape the noise of the city. Being away from the urban chaos, however, does not mean disconnecting from friends and family.

The modern camper wants guest WiFi as much as any other amenity, if not more.

Guest WiFi Enhances the Camping Experience

The main reasons why people go camping is to spend quality time with their loved ones and relieve stress.

The way people relax, however, has changed in recent times. Almost everyone spends time on the Internet, and they don’t go camping to stop doing that.

The North American Camping Association conducted a study, and they found that younger campers considered smartphones almost as valuable as toilet paper.

They also value guest WiFi as one of the top three amenities. Only clean bathrooms and kid-friendly environments were more important than that.

Most people do not have the time to go camping as often as they would like, so being able to upload and share their photos and videos online with friends and family from their break is important to campers.

With guest WiFi, you give them the option to do this. It makes their trip more memorable and enhances their experience. As a result, campers will be much more likely to visit your campsite again.

Campers Need Guest WiFi for Business

Most people cannot leave their job completely behind for a whole week or more. Even while camping, some may need to read and send emails at least.

Many people don’t go camping because they can’t be completely disconnected from the Internet for the entire duration of their break due to work commitments. A simple connection may be all they need to keep on top of their emails.

Let your clients know that you offer guest WiFi and more will come.

Most people go on the Internet at least once while camping and the most common reason is to check emails. Getting a good signal is often difficult whilst camping. As a result, your clients rely on you to provide them with quality Internet access.

Campsite guest WiFi is a growing need and a robust connection does not only raise customer satisfaction. It could also be the final push for them to come.

A Small Investment with Big Results

People do not need to have access to the Internet wherever they are in the campsite. Being in walking distance from a cabin that provides guest WiFi is enough.

As we said earlier, campers mainly use the internet to chat with friends, upload pictures and check emails. It is enough to set up a few routers in an area to satisfy their needs.

Your clients will be happy, and you will not spend a significant amount of money.

The costs of providing this guest WiFi could even be covered by the new customers your WiFi will attract.

Most public locations are now expected to have Internet access. Campsites are no different. The satisfaction of your customers can be heavily influenced by the availability and power of your guest WiFi.

WiFi Improves the Overall Experience of Campers

Camping is viewed as a chance to relax and spend quality time with those around you. Connecting with nature, however, is not the same thing with disconnecting from the rest of the world.

Satisfy your client’s need to keep in touch with the environment back home. They will appreciate it immensely.

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