How Guest WiFi Can Improve Any Conference

Everyone who has ever attended a conference knows how frustrating not being able to connect to the Internet can be. It’s like being transported into the past, and not in a positive way.

Most locations where conferences are usually held do offer a WiFi connection. However, that’s usually not enough.

The guest WiFi available at a conference should be fast and reliable enough to accommodate all the needs of attendees adequately. That will require more effort on your part, but it will be worth the investment many times over.

After all, providing functioning guest WiFi can elevate the success of any conference. Here’s how:

It Makes the Event More Convenient

Event planners want to make sure wireless Internet access will be available for guests at the location. Therefore, venues can maximize their on-property guest value by providing professional WiFi services.

Tech support available on-site is a big plus when it comes to choosing a venue. It’s no surprise why.

There’s nothing worse than attendees wandering aimlessly during the conference searching for WiFi. Attendees shouldn’t have to leave the room where the event is held to be able to perform a simple task online like checking their email.

It’s best to understand that the vast majority of attendees you will have to accommodate are online-natives. Many of them attend conferences on a regular basis, so they’ve come to expect certain amenities.

That is why you need to provide a wireless network that can withstand the demand and accommodate the needs of attendees.

Guest WiFi Increases Attendee Satisfaction

It goes without saying that participants’ satisfaction is crucial to the success of any conference.

The secret to any successful conference is to create a welcoming environment for guests. Providing a WiFi connection is an efficient way to create better attendee experiences. To feel completely content with the guest WiFi provided at a conference, guests demand:

  • Speed
  • A secure connection
  • A powerful signal

Conference-goers will surely enjoy being able to go online without having to jump through hoops. So, the WiFi network should also be easy to access.

If you want the next conference you are involved in to go as smoothly as possible, make sure you can meet all the demands mentioned above. That sounds expensive, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be.

We Offer Tailored Solutions to Meet Your Exact Needs!

In this day and age, planning a successful conference involves providing working WiFi. Attendees not only want to be able to connect to the Internet whenever they want during a conference. They expect it.

Our cloud-managed platform, Airangel, will ensure the WiFi services you provide during a conference or another large event are as efficient as possible.

We have the experience and the know-how needed to provide WiFi solution for large events.

We offer a broad range of solutions to help you provide a stable and secure WiFi network to create a better attendee experience. Our onboarding module, for instance, provides a simple option where guests can connect without the need for a login screen. It’s hassle-free!

Want to find out more about our product? Discover the specific features or request a demo today.

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