How Can Guest WiFi be used to Improve Customer Loyalty

Love, it was once said, makes the world go ‘round. We’re not sure about that, but when you’re running a business, loyalty performs the same function.

Any savvy business owner will tell you that the success of a business doesn’t exist in one off visits, but in recurring customers and repeat footfall. The reasons why are obvious; loyal customers tell their friends, buy more product and stay for longer than first time customers. In fact, the Center for Retail Management claim that 12% to 15% of the most loyal customers produce a 55% to 70% of all sales within a business.

But how do you turn new customers into loyal ones? The answer is Guest WiFi.

Guest WiFi allows your customers to get online quickly and do everything they expect to do online, from catching up with work emails or chatting with the family over Skype. Of course, meeting your customers’ expectations is one way to generate loyalty, but Guest WiFi presents a much greater opportunity to turn new customers into repeat ones.

We speak, of course about WiFi marketing.

What is WiFi marketing, anyway?

WiFi marketing is, quite simply, poised to revolutionise businesses.

Through your Guest WiFi, you can communicate directly with customers within your business, offering deals, information, service alerts and much more, helping to turn shoppers and customers on your WiFi network into loyal friends of the business who’ll come back time after time.

By pairing your in-store WiFi with our analysis, you can learn about your customers’ habits and movements and surface coupons, discounts and special offers that drive repeat custom.

Imagine logging into the WiFi at a restaurant, only to be greeted with a welcome message and a discount code for your next meal – that’s the power of WiFi marketing. It’s a system that can be leveraged for any business, large or small. From the biggest hotel chain to the smallest café, the value of WiFi marketing can’t be overestimated.

An easier way to reward loyalty.

One of the main problems for businesses is that with changing staff, knowing who is a loyal customer and who isn’t can be a real struggle. WiFi marketing makes the process easy by automatically tracking which devices log on and off the network and at what times.

By doing that, you can launch discreet customer loyalty programmes which really work. By letting your guest WiFi network keep track of your businesses customers, you could reward a customer returning for the 10th time with a special discount, a freebie or even just a thoughtful thank you.

Acts like this create a relationship between your business and your customers, helping to bring great services and loyal customers closer together.

Guest WiFi and WiFi marketing – a match made in heaven.

WiFi is today more commodity than luxury, but that doesn’t mean it’s just another thing to pay for. Guest WiFi services present an unprecedented opportunity to generate customer loyalty by providing a fast and free Internet service and to reward those customers choose to visit your establishment.

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