How can WiFi Analytics Transform your Business?

Given a magic lamp, most of those working in the commerce and hospitality sectors would wish for 1) more wishes, 2) unlimited funds and 3) total understanding of both their existing customers and passing trade.

Of course, we know that magic lamps aren’t real, but what if we told you that you could make the third wish become a reality?

Understanding your customers and passing trade means being able to understand effective operational hours, stock requirements, potential promotions and much, much more. It’s a gateway to a world where your business operates not on hunches, but on reliable, actionable information instead.

It’s not magic though, it’s simply WiFi analytics.

Whilst free Wi-Fi networks have gone from a luxury only offered by the most forward-thinking businesses to a ubiquitous essential for many customer-facing businesses, its true value has barely been harnessed by the vast majority of businesses.

Modern WiFi solutions, like those offered here at Airangel, give you the power to transform your free WiFi solution into a money making, information gathering powerhouse. How? By giving your WiFi away in exchange for information that’s useless to your customers, but exceptionally valuable to you.

Whether that’s sign-up details like email addresses, their interests, where they’re sat, how many times they’ve visited, how long they took at the till or just about anything else you can imagine, WiFi analytics offer you a way to transform your business.

Take, for example, a restaurant in a hotel.

Whilst customers wait, they might want to hop on their phone, laptop or tablet to do anything from checking on the cricket score to teleconferencing into a meeting across the glove. In return for that access, customers are presented with a survey to fill out before they’re granted access. Such a survey could be fully customised to pull all kinds of information from customers, helping to define demographics.

Equally, additional hardware can be installed allowing the restaurant to track movements throughout the restaurant, helping interior designers figure out a more effective traffic flow, or informing managers to staffing shortcomings during critical hours.

You can even utilise the information gathered to reward your customers for specialised promotions, like a discount code for their 10th visit, a special thank you for being a loyal customer or even deliver content tailored specifically for them. Being able to interact with your customers directly over WiFi is the kind of high-level advantage that can put you ahead in the race to customer loyalty.

It’s not just theory though, with WiFi analytics currently generating accurate, actionable information all across the globe, from malls in Finland to sports stadiums in the USA. Indeed, we support hundreds of organisations who want more than mere guest WiFi. To find out more about our cloud-managed WiFi solution, click here, or get in touch with a member of our dedicated team today.


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