How to Collect More Customer Reviews

We live in an age of comparison. From our phone bills to our restaurant choices, the internet has given rise to a new culture, one where almost every purchase and decision we make of consequence is first cross-referenced across the internet. With 90% of consumers reading online reviews before visiting a business, it’s an assessment that’s hard to disagree with.

Of course, good reviews mean the potential for more customers, but it also has a profound SEO effect too. Quite simply, the higher your rating, the more likely your business is to feature across web searches and, in turn, the more likely potential customers are able to find you.

It’s a simple enough equation on the face of it, but the real difficulty lays in generating these customer reviews.

Traditionally, it’s been a tough task. Before the internet, we relied on after-service phone calls, in-store questionnaires and all manner of clunky, ineffective methods.

However, in the internet age, there are a number of methods you can use to increase the number of reviews you generate. So, join us as we share a few of the most effective methods:

Make your Business as Customer Friendly as Possible

It might sound like a simple point, but customers are far more likely to review your products, service or business if you offer a tremendous experience. These unpromoted reviews are hugely valuable as they indicate true success in your customer-facing operations.

However, customers can’t be expected to remember to review your business without some kind of prompting. We live busy lives, and so many people simply forget to put their thoughts down. Which brings us to…

Leverage your Guest WiFi to Encourage Reviews

Launching free guest WiFi is one of the most valuable changes you can make to your business, enabling effortless internet browsing whilst allowing you to generate hugely valuable insights.

Airangel’s free WiFi supports advanced guest engagement features, like emails and SMS notifications once your customer is logged in to the network. Through this system, you can easily use custom email formats to harvest customer reviews or simply link your happy customers to your Facebook and Google review pages.

These messages can even be sent a pre-determined amount of time after their visit, fully automated so that the only thing you need to do is enable the feature. It’s a simple, elegant way to boost the number of reviews you receive.

Take the Time to Respond to Reviews

Customers need to feel like they’re being heard, regardless of whether they’re happy or disappointed with the service they received. It helps businesses appear more personal and less like a faceless entity that exists only to harvest money from its customers.

So, take the time to respond to each and every review that comes in on your business. Make it plain how happy you are that they chose you and that you look forward to seeing them again in the near future. This simple customer service trick encourages other reviewers to take the time and rewards them for their efforts.

To learn more about how our guest WiFi solutions can revolutionise your business, get in touch.

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