Implement a Consistent User Experience Across Your Entire Estate

“Our guests now receive a consistent experience with a once in a lifetime login and this significantly improved our customer satisfaction scores for WiFi. We are the first global chain to provide such experience in every country we operate.” – Floor Bleeker – CIO, Mövenpick Group

Airangel’s cloud-first solution, Genisys, offers hotel managers the opportunity to have a single unified login platform across all locations, world-wide. Hotel guests can arrive at one hotel in Switzerland, login using Facebook, travel to a hotel in Dubai and be instantly online without any need to log back in. Guests can also be presented with a ‘welcome back’ page, showing them that they’re remembered by the hotel group. If it’s present in the guest profile, Welcome back pages can be customised with the name of guest logging in, adding a more personal touch to the guest experience.

All portals can be managed by the central marketing team to ensure your brand is consistent across all sites. And, with our tagging system, any changes made can be simultaneously rolled out without any disruption and no sites falling behind.

Guest loyalty programmes can be integrated into the system allowing them to be used as authentication methods and to reward loyal customers. If an account is tied to the loyalty data base you can offer them increased speed, redirect them to separate landing pages and allow them to roam between properties.

For more information on how Airangel can provide your hotel group with a consistent login experience, click here.

To view the full Movenpick Case Study, click here.

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