How to Easily Capture Customer Data

It comes as no surprise to anyone that, when it comes to modern marketing, customer data is absolutely crucial. It provides context to customer purchases, helps businesses understand their market and helps companies develop new products which fit neatly within our lives.

The experience of having your data captured if a familiar one too. After all, how many times have you been forced to create an account when you just want to make a purchase online?

Data from customers visiting you online is trivial to collect with web-apps like Google Analytics, but how do you collect customer data when they’re inside your building? Is there an easy way to collect information about your customers’ name, gender and email address?

How about their dwell times, frequency of visits and foot traffic? The answer Is free guest WiFi. Here are a few key ways you can gather customer data with free guest WiFi:

Social Login Support

Free guest WiFi might, at first blush, appear to be little more than a helpful convenience for your customers. However, it can also be an incredibly effective way of collecting their data in a regulated, controlled and seamless way.

This can be done in a number of ways, but one of the most effective is through Airangel’s Social Login API. This feature of our guest WiFi solutions enables customers to skip the tiresome login form of traditional guest WiFi and log in seamlessly through their existing social media accounts.

When they do this, our API pulls in data which is readily available through their social media profile. This might include their first and last name, their gender, their location, their birthday, their email address and more.

With this data, you can supplement your ongoing marketing efforts, reach out to specific demographics or simply get a better idea of who your guests are.

Location Analytics

With a customer connected to your free WiFi network, it’s possible to generate highly accurate location analytics, the likes of which simply weren’t possible in the recent past.

With Airangel and compatible hardware, you can upload floor plans and generate reports that highlight precisely how your guests interact with their space. That data can be used to reformulate floor plans, increase marketing efforts in certain areas or, well, anything else you can imagine.

Not only that, but you can also use locational data to trigger email messages or SMS alerts, enabling a hotel to trigger a text with their daily specials on as a customer enters the restaurant, for example.

Login Analytics

Our guest WiFi network records the unique information associated with each individual device which connects to our network, allowing you to generate a wealth of information regarding the number of times a customer has logged in to your network, how long they’ve stayed on your network and more.

This information can then be used across your business, generating reliable indicators of customer loyalty. It’s the sort of information that purely online analytics can’t generate, and a huge reason why a guest WiFi solution makes perfect sense for almost any business.

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