Guest WiFi enables hotels to achieve so much more than keeping guests connected

Guest WiFi is now more important to travellers than anything else a hotel stay can offer, allowing guests to feel connected to home, or to keep on top of their workload wherever in the world they are. However, guest WiFi is even more important for hoteliers as public WiFi networks can have many more uses besides making guests happy.

WiFi is an enabler. By deploying a guest WiFi platform such as Genisys, a savvy hotelier has at his or her fingertips, the ability to gain more insights, the means to engage with guests better whilst they are on the premises, and new ways of promoting hotel services, app downloads, and loyalty programs.

A key objective for many hotels is to make every part of the stay an experience that is in every way better than what one might expect in the comfort of your own home. Yet, the one key area that lets many hotels down is the WiFi. At home there is no need to complete login forms, connection is simple. On your home wireless network, you can benefit from streaming content from your devices to your big screen TV, you can simply add games consoles and your other WiFi enabled systems, and once connected they will seamlessly connect every time they detect your WiFi networks’ name, or your SSID as the techies like to call it.  A new key component of the Genisys platform is set to tackle this issue. With the introduction of the Personal Area Networks feature, guests will be able to take their home WiFi experience with them to any hotel with the ‘best of breed’ platform installed.

Personal Area Networks enable hoteliers to provide guests with a Hotel Home Experience (HHE) where guests have their own personal SSID, they can even use the same one as at home if they want all their devices to seamlessly connect when they arrive, where they will be remembered and automatically logged into the WiFi no matter which hotel in the group they visit. This enables guests to connect any or all of their devices and stream personal content to the biggest screen in the room. Hoteliers can also use HHE as a reward for regular guests, loyalty members or even use it as an upsell opportunity to loyalty members.

WiFi can really strengthen the bond between the hotel and their guests by creating a bridge between them. Personal Area Networks, better engagement via Injection Jets, where content can be injected into the guest’s browser, promoting hotel services or third party advertising, and an overall positive WiFi experience are sure fire ways of improving satisfaction, promoting loyalty and generating additional revenue.

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