Why Guest WiFi Should Be a Top Priority for Hotels

Today’s guests are more tech-savvy than ever. They want to use social media, to send business emails and to visit their favorite websites wherever they are. As a result, guest WiFi has become one of the most outstanding amenities a hotel can provide. That’s great as a public network can be very advantageous for hotels, not just tenants.

Everyone Wants Guest WiFi

At this point, Internet access is not just a nice bonus for most people. Hotel.com did a survey on the most important amenities for guests, and the results are quite clear. WiFi is a top priority for 25% of leisure travelers and 44% of business travelers.

Many people consider having access to a public network more important than how comfortable the bed is.

Most tenants will appreciate a fast and stable Internet connection more than having bath robes or a shower cap. Instead of investing in those things, just make sure your guest WiFi is working fine.

Providing free wireless Internet at your hotel isn’t expensive. Also, it significantly increases client satisfaction.

People Are Using the Internet More than Ever

Tenants no longer use guest WiFi only for checking emails. They stream videos, watch movies and share files. Guests want to be able to do all this wherever they are. Hotels can improve their relationship with clients by providing stable, high-speed WiFi.

The Internet of Things grows each day, and customers are taking advantage of this. A good public network gives tenants the power to control their whole suite with a smartphone. Loyal guests can also connect instantaneously at any of the company hotels.

People are already used to this freedom and flexibility at home. Hotels that provide these features create a familiar environment for the guests. Thus, their experience is more enjoyable.

Use guest WiFi to make your tenants feel unique and valuable. They will be much more likely to visit again afterward.

It Benefits Your Business as Much as the Guests

The Internet is a fantastic platform on which your staff can communicate among themselves and with clients. It can be extremely useful in many situations.

Being able to quickly send a message to any member of the staff drastically speeds up tasks. You will get more work done each day. Make special accounts on the network for every employee and instruct them how to become productive.

If a client needs help with a particular problem, they can call the appropriate staff member directly over the Internet. Housekeeping and bellhops will always know where they are required. Also, the managerial staff will get constant updates and information on the state of the hotel.

If used efficiently, guest WiFi significantly reduces wasted time.

There is also the boost in client satisfaction and retention your network brings. Considering all these things and the low costs of maintenance, providing your tenants with WiFi should be a top priority for your business.

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