Heat, Lights, Water and WiFi

Whether we like it or not, the Internet has changed the way every business operates. Those little glowing rectangles we keep in our pockets – they’re a conduit for competition, letting any of us see who else is selling what and at which price. For consumers that’s been a fantastic thing, allowing everyone to compare business, services and products wherever they are.

For businesses, however, it’s meant rising to the challenge of increased expectations. That’s never been more the case than in the rental market, where potential renters can now compare your property against any in the world.

So, how can you compete in a market like that? Well, for starters, you can provide that most modern of utilities: high speed WiFi.

The traditional model for a renter to acquire WiFi is nothing short of frustrating, with long calls to ISPs, negotiating a contract and then waiting weeks for their connection to be activated. For overseas visitors and short-term renters, there was no real option that accommodated their needs effectively. But this is the past. Airangel are about to change the way the Private Rental Sector provide connectivity for residents for good.

Is WiFi Really a Utility?

The question of whether WiFi should be considered a utility is a valid one, but think of it this way; how often do you use your WiFi when you’re at home? The answer, we’re willing to bet, is almost constantly.

Our phones are forever pulling down emails, our TV is powered by Netflix and our gaming sessions take place online now too. In fact, compared to other utilities in your home, you probably use it more often. After all, it’s unlikely you’re running your tap 24/7.

Utilities though are considered as such because living without them is broadly negative. A home without heating, lighting or water isn’t a home at all, merely a space one can occupy. The same goes for our internet connections, which form a fundamental part of our modern lives, helping us work, live and play. Indeed, in America the courts have already deemed that high-speed internet is a utility and should be treated as such, putting the argument to bed.

Do I need to offer WiFi to my private renters?

The short answer is, yes, absolutely. Expectations have never been higher in the private rental market and tenants are now demanding more than ever in return for their cash. That means not only providing them with heating, lighting and water, but also providing them with a high speed broadband connection.

At Airangel we work with countless developers and property managers to benefit from the advantages that our market leading wireless and broadband infrastructure can bring to tenants. That means day one access to high-speed broadband, stunning customer service and, most importantly, a way for property managers to generate more revenue from providing internet access.

Our Genisys management tools allow property managers to become the ISP. It’s simple to upgrade internet packages, manage available bandwidth and track and bill each unit based on their selected package, helping to take the hassle out of managing resident connectivity.

Can included WiFi help rent my properties?

Of course, especially with students. University students look for property in a vastly different way to the way you and I might. That means a certain internal configuration, yes, but it also means providing everything they need right out of the box.

The last thing students want to do is to spend time scouring comparison websites for energy, heat, water and internet plans which will only last 9 months. As a landlord, you can purchase these utilities separately and bundle them together for a profit. It’s not just students, however, that benefit from the ease and simplicity of a fully managed utility offering, with renters of all ilk enjoying the ease of mind that they can bring.

So, what are you waiting for? Help rent those properties and earn more money with our incredible apartment building/MDU offering!

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