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Quality Hotel WiFi solutions, a must for hostels and budget hotels


Is your Hostel / Hotel WiFi cool?

One thing you notice when you walk into a Generator, Clink, Meininger, HOAX or any other up and coming Hostel is obviously and as expected they are full of young people.Hostel WiFi

In today’s market they are not all backpackers but a mix of young travelers to young professionals wanting environments that are cool, hip, funky offering good value for money in central locations such as London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona and many more local well known cities.

But there is one thing you also notice in between all this retro-coolness whether it be in super the cool bar, hip chill out area or the plethora or hidden funky nooks and crannies. They all have their devices connected to the Hostel WiFi and World Wide Web at some point.

This generation are tech and social media savvy and need amongst all the other key requisites i.e.. Bed, food and water (or maybe a beer or two) is good, easy to connect, fast Hostel or Hotel WiFi. If they don’t get this word can easily spread amongst these young social media guru’s with a click of a button.

Quality Hotel WiFi solutions

Airangel Hotel WiFi provide solutions to thousands of hostel beds including all the Generator Hostels as well as hundreds of leading hotel brands and today at the Hostel and Budget Hotel Summit in London key players from within the industry will be discussing the future of this lucrative and exciting market.

Should anyone wish to discuss their Hostel or Hotel WiFi requirements please contact us or come and speak to me at the event throughout the day.

Paul Lockhart
Global Hospitality Director

Mob: 0788 599 7079


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