How to Leverage Free WiFi to Push App Downloads

It’s been a monumental decade in the history of mobile technology. From the launch of the App Store on Apple’s promising-but-expensive iPhone in 2008, smartphone adoption has risen dramatically.

Today, smartphone adoption worldwide is around 66%, generating over 175 billion app downloads in 2017 alone. Quite simply, it’s a digital goldrush as businesses, brands and individuals look to capitalise on the power and portability that modern mobile apps offer.

It’s a situation that’s familiar to many of our customers, a large number of whom have launched their own mobile apps. Beautiful and useful, these apps help individuals do everything from book their hotel rooms to check timetables in conference halls.

The only problem is how you get customers to download your app. With so many apps launched daily, competing for mindshare is a tough task.

There is, however, a simple way for you push your app – by leveraging your free guest WiFi.

Your complimentary WiFi network might not seem like the most obvious choice for promoting your app – especially in an era of highly targeted online advertising. However, there are a number of features which make it a potentially highly valuable marketing tool.

Most importantly, anyone who’s connected to your WiFi likely already has some kind of interest in your business; they’re either a customer of yours or a potential customer. It’s a crucial fact, but how can you use your WiFi to generate downloads? Here are three ways:

Screen

When your guests go to log in to your guest WiFi, the very first thing they’ll be met with is a page requesting some personal details in return for unfettered access to your network.

It’s a screen every customer will encounter (providing they’re logging in for the first time) and, therefore, the ideal location for you to pitch your app. By branding your sign-in screen carefully, you can encourage your customers to download your app.

Landing Page

Once connected to your network, it’s possible to configure your Airangel WiFi network to automatically forward new log-ins to a dedicated landing page.

From there, you can do things like list your latest offers, include your opening hours or even encourage your customers to recycle – the choice is yours. However, if you’re pushing an app, your landing page becomes a hugely valuable piece of land, one which can be utilised as a full-screen advert for your app.

Push downloads by including gorgeous high-resolution images, key selling points and even special offers for those who take the plunge and hit that download button.

Information Capture

As your customers log on to your network, they’re instructed to either log in with a social network or enter a few details of your choosing. These details, like email addresses, can then be used to encourage customers to download your app – provided you obey GDPR regulations, of course.

Customised, beautifully branded emails targeting email addresses associated with your customers can prove to be a highly effective marketing tool – one that you shouldn’t pass up on.

To learn more about how our innovative, cost-effective guest WiFi solutions can help your business grow, get in touch today.

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