The Importance of Guest Satisfaction Surveys, and how WiFi Can Help

Wherever there are customers being served, there are opinions being generated. They’re judging your quality, service, efficiency and reliability on a moment by moment basis, and divining these opinions can be the difference between retaining or losing a customer.

Any successful business will tell you that holding on to your existing customers and developing strong relationships with them not only ensures a degree of loyalty but encourages growth through word of mouth – the most powerful free advertising tool around.

In a world where 28% of people say they’ve used social media to research products and services, up 3% from 2016 (GlobalWebIndex), the state of your customer service reputation is absolutely paramount to ensuring your ongoing success.

For decades, customer satisfaction surveys have formed an essential part of the information gathering formula, but they’ve never quite been perfect. In-store customer satisfaction surveys are most likely to be filled out by those with extremely strong feelings one way or the other. As such, it’s easy to harvest bad, unreliable data.

In a bid to redress the balance, some businesses have even directly incentivised feedback by offering freebies or discounts! It’s a situation which leads, ultimately to discoloured information and a drained bank account.

It’s a real problem for businesses, but the solution is closer than you think. In fact, it’s all around you – your free WiFi.

In-location guest WiFi has become an expected part of any customers’ experience, but it can be used as more than a mere hook to keep your customers happy. Much more, in fact.

Airangel’s guest WiFi solutions include multiple ways for businesses to harvest customer service feedback either when they log on to the WiFi network, via a triggered email or by SMS. Rules can quickly and easily be set to send the surveys after a set period of time, like a few days into their stay, or when they’re at the checkout.

You can even set specific surveys for returning guests, with the network smart enough to recognise which users have been more than one time.

For customers, this might seem like an inconvenience, but it needn’t be. Our solution can be incentivised by increasing a user’s allotted time online (if limits are set), or increased bandwidth for faster download and upload speeds. It’s a technique we’ve seen employed in free-to-play mobile games, which offer adverts in return for in-game benefits to great effect.

Indeed, because customers no longer have to go out of their way to fill out the surveys, you’re much more likely to gather a range of opinions beyond the extremes usually gathered. However, if a customer is extremely dissatisfied and suggests so in their feedback, triggers can be set up which will alert staff who can then move to remedy the situation.

Ultimately, with the future of your business at risk and the technology readily available to dramatically improve your customer satisfaction surveys, why wouldn’t you invest in a smart guest WiFi solution?


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