In-Store retail WiFi – Why in-store WiFi is now essential to all retailers

Retail customers need and expect In-Store Retail WiFi  internet to be available, everywhere, all the time.

Great, but how can you as a retailer (no matter even if you are an independent store) really start to benefit from the provision of in-store WiFi.

What really is in it for you?


In-Store retail WiFi will drive a huge number of benefits to you:

• Greater dwell time and increased footfall. Offering free WiFi will not only drive in customers it will encourage them to stay longer. A recent survey showed that if a store offers free WiFi almost 70% would visit again, stay longer and visit more often.

• Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The same BT sponsored survey showed 34% of people use WiFi to download discountstore and ecommerce strategies!

Deep customer insight. Airangel WiFi, unlike many of the so called ‘big providers’ provides detailed reports on your customers’ WiFi use, so you now know who is entering your stores, and when enabling to personalise your messages and campaigns to them.

So why do shoppers want WiFi. Many independent stores may well question the need to provide this service (which could easily cost less than a pound a day!) wi-fi?


“Before I buy something I always check
the prices. Wi-fi makes it easier.”


“It’s a much better shopping experience.”


It’s all about improving the customer experience. As multichannel shopping continues to evolve, WiFi is changing the way consumers buy. Then following stats drom the same BT survey make it clear why the provision of Retail WiFi is essential:

• 67% of those we surveyed use the internet when they shop

• 38% use wi-fi when they shop to update socialmedia. Posting pictures of prospective purchases has become a Facebook trend. The ability to log-in via Social media is therefore a must. Social WiFi is the ay forward.

Nearly half the respondents to the  survey said they use WiFi to help them compare prices, read product reviews and browse deals. Shying away from WiFi by worrying that customers will turn to competitors is a little like King Canute trying to turn back the sea. Embracing in-store WiFi is now an essential part of every retailers armoury.

Don’t be fazed by the complexity of installation. The Airangel solutions are more often than not just plug and play and ready to deliver all these advantages straight out of the box. Legally compliant, family friendly (we incorporate the latest content filtering) industry leading insight and service just like that.

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