Keeping your customers happy with WiFi on the move

While long journeys can become dull, even short ones can be frustrating if individuals cannot do the things they need to. When travelling with a tour operator, customers are likely to want to spend time using the internet, whether to pass the time, to get vital information about where they are staying or to upload pictures and posts about their holiday so far.

Wireless on the road

People who are on holiday in a foreign country will benefit even more. Finding a place where they can access the internet for free will help them to save a great deal of money when they want to keep in touch with family and friends back home or find out more about the area they’re staying in. Travel companies that offer free vehicle WiFi are therefore likely to find that customer satisfaction will rise significantly as a result.

Time spent travelling is often seen as ‘lost time’. This means that individuals may well want to use the time to catch up on their emails or to log on to see what is happening back home, something they will be less inclined to do while lying on a beach or exploring new surroundings. By offering customers the chance to do this, businesses that are concerned with moving individuals from one place to another will open up a great deal of opportunity.


The benefits of offering free WiFi are not limited to keeping customers content. While customer loyalty will almost certainly be boosted by providing such free services, there are an array of other advantages to this service. WiFi solutions can help companies to gather a huge amount of data about those using their internet services and this alone can save a company a great deal of time and money. It will also allow them to more effectively focus their marketing strategies and better understand their clients in the process.

It is not just those that are travelling abroad who will benefit from such services either. 3G internet connection is unlikely to be stable when travelling long distances, and providing WiFi will take a great deal of frustration out of the process of searching for information or staying in touch with friends. This also means that individuals are more likely to talk about where they are and who they are travelling with on social media sites. Allowing the same individuals to ‘check in’ their location as ‘on your vehicle’ can then vastly increase customer reach and brand recognition.

The way your business allows access to the internet will of course affect how many benefits are reaped from offering such services. If your customers have to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ you before they can log on, your business will instantly boost its social media reach, its online reputation and its ability to successfully market in the future.

At Airangel, we have an array of solutions that can be tailored to suit your business’s specific needs, allowing you to keep your customers happy and simultaneously boost your own long-term potential.

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