How to Make Your Apartment Building WiFi Your Primary Selling Point

Most tenants today can hardly imagine living without the Internet. It has become a major amenity, just like heat and electricity.

With such a great need for apartment building WiFi, landlords can enhance the tenants’ experience.

By offering a reliable and fast network, you make your building much more attractive and it will be much easier to find residents and even raise the rent.

Here are the apartment building WiFi services you should provide to attract more people:

Pre-Installed Apartment Building WiFi

Usually, when a tenant moves in, they have to find an ISP themselves. That takes time and money and it’s something people don’t want to deal with.

To solve this problem, you need a management platform in place. Every apartment already has the necessary equipment, and you control the network. It’s just a matter of sending the account and password to new residents.

They’ll have apartment building WiFi in a matter of minutes, not days.

Moving to a new home is tiring enough as it is. An apartment that already has WiFi sounds much better than one that doesn’t. People will be much more interested in your building.

Convenient Upgrade Options

Another possible annoyance for tenants is the need to upgrade to a better Internet package. Getting more bandwidth means contacting the ISP, making new contracts and a fair amount of waiting around.

With a WiFi management platform, residents can upgrade their package with just a few clicks. You also have an easy-to-use dashboard that will help you bill tenants accordingly.

Everyone saves time, and your residents are happier than ever.

More Engagement

By managing the private networks of your tenants as well as those in public areas, you gain more control. Through the use of Airangel Injection Jet technology, you can communicate any important message with ease.

Pinning a notice to the building’s entrance won’t get much done. Inserting a message pop-up directly into people’s browsers will get more attention.

You can choose what message to appear, to whom it will appear and its frequency. With this technology, mass announcements, as well as personal notices, are a breeze.

Furthermore, you can create surveys for your residents to fill out. You can view the answers in your dashboard and make decisions based on their preferences.

Through apartment building WiFi, you can create a happy and connected community.

Easier Marketing

While our Injection Jet technology can be used for announcements and surveys, it can also be a marketing tool.

You can use pop-ups to promote new services to your residents. You have the option of using banners, videos and special menus where tenants can browse your offers.

Setting up WiFi in public areas of your building is also an excellent opportunity to gain new email addresses. With a larger contact list, you will get more new tenants.

The Benefits

With all these capabilities, your apartment building has a competitive advantage. You are offering people unparalleled convenience and speed.

Since the living conditions are better, people will also be willing to pay more as well. Still, the Internet costs are easy to manage thanks to the dashboard.

With the added marketing capabilities, you’re unlikely to ever be short on residents.

We wanted to help landlords as well as residents. That’s why we created Genisys, a management platform designed to make life easier.

Find out what Genisys can do or request a demo today.

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