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Airangel August Update What’s new in V0.11

Yesterday we released an update for Genisys, v0.11! In this version there have been a selection of upgrades, changes, features and fixes.

[box title=”IMPORTANT – Main menu update” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#00adef” border_style=”solid” bg_color=”#ededed” icon=”list-ul” icon_style=”border” icon_shape=”box” align=”left”]Genisys now has 4 main modules: Create, Manage, Reports and Guests that hold all the main control panel links. Please login to your account and familiarise yourself with the new layout.

Within this update we’ve rolled out a selection of changes, features and fixes.

Below are some of the primary ones, depending on your user rights you may not be able to access all of these features.

Major updates to Genisys

Main menu

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  • We now have 4 main categories Create, Manage, Reports and Guests that hold all main links. There are other ‘Quick links’ like Online Now that are still on the main menu.
  • Portal EditorWe have developed a brand new process for editing your portal, making it much easier for you to edit your HTML WiFi Portal.We’ve added a selection of new features too, giving you more control.Check it out !



Version updates

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  • Hardware – You can now view the info about a piece of hardware by clicking the eye (Manage->Hardware).
  • Hardware – You can specify no location if needed by ticking the box (Manage->Hardware).
  • Tickets – A ticket will open in a new page and will prepopulate (Dashboard->Tickets).
  • Maestro PMS for payment and guest login
  • Worldpay payment option (Integration)
  • ‘Online now’ working for Estates and companies as well as Sites
  • Edit site – This does not include the site itself as a parent, so a client cannot set a site parent as the site itself
  • Device whitelist – Add devices that do not go through the portal, they go straight onto the hardware (Manage->Device Whitelist)
  • Create site – Default accounting time is set to 900 seconds
  • Dashboard – Company map markers now group so we don’t get lots in the same place
  • Quicker access to reporting
  • Walled Garden Whitelist (Manage->Device Whitelist)
  • Old gateway page removed


Version Fixes

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  • Emails – Receipt now sends on any purchase and welcome sends on any new package
  • Online now – Upload and download were the wrong way round


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