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If your clients are involved in Hospitality, the choice of hotel guest WiFi solution is absolutely essential: Brits would rather have WiFi than a cup of tea or a shower.

A poll has found that WiFi is THE most essential item for day-to-day living. When it comes to things modern Brits can’t live without, a WiFI connection apparently matters more to us than having a bath or a shower.

And we’d dismiss more than just good personal hygiene in order to get our fix of the World Wide Web.

A Wi-Fi connection is now deemed more important than a car, a mobile phone, a TV, make-up, chocolate, a cup of tea and our pets.

The study, carried out by Direct Line, also reveals that our friends, family and even food are now deemed less “essential” than modern technology.

51% of those polled said they could go longer without seeing their friends than using their mobile phone. 48% said the same about their family and using the Internet, while 12% reckoned food was less important than social media.

Does your hotel clients’ current WiFi offer the following?

  • A complete range of WiFi payment options including WorldPay, PayPal and voucher options as well as hotel invoice/bill to room via hotel PMS (Property Management System)
  • Access to the Internet from the hotel’s branded landing page, which is customisable on a venue-by-venue basis, enabling their hotel to present differing messages dependent on location and audience
  • A Portal Editor that enables the hotel to update the landing page with special offers, branding, and key messages for their clientele
  • A fully lawful intercept compliant service that also ensures viruses are blocked (e.g. Crypto-locker) and content that would be deemed inappropriate in a hotel public area is stopped before reaching the user’s device
  • Social media marketing tools (Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter / Google+) that allow for the promotion of their hotel’s brand
  • Detailed customer analytics offering insight and understanding of the hotel’s customers on line behaviours, preferences, and interests
  • The ability to segment and manage hotel guest bandwidth consumption to ensure a consistent service is offered throughout the venue
  • Ability to provide our WiFi overlay service alongside industry leading hardware providers such as Ruckus, AirTight Networks, Nomadix, Cisco and Zyxel to name a few.


The modified Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs with WIFI added

About Airangel

We’re a team of wireless innovators who have been providing Hotel WiFi solutions for over 12 years. We’re backed by a dedicated in-house team of Engineers, Developers, Support Technicians, Technical Account Managers and Marketeers.

Airangel WiFi has positioned itself as an ethical public WiFi provider, taking an active stance in protecting both our users and customer’s privacy and security online. Unlike most public WiFi solution providers that make money selling your users online profile and behaviour to 3rd party agencies and advertising companies.

Our team has one purpose: to stay on the cutting edge of advancements in WiFi. By combining our in-depth understanding of Hotel Guest WiFi with industry-leading development skills and driven by a thirst for innovation we create new and exciting solutions to anticipate and exceed customer and industry needs.

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