How Offering Free Guest WiFi can benefit your Business

Guest WiFi

There’s been no shortage of digital ink spilled over the value of providing a fast, secure and free WiFi connection for your customers, and for good reason. In 2016, Guest WiFi is far closer to a commodity than a luxury for customers, and something any forward thinking business should be implementing.

However, there’s more to WiFi than merely meeting your customers’ expectations, because it can also dramatically transform the way your business operates for the better.

Free guest WiFi is a classic win/win scenario, offering a way for your customers to hop online within your business whilst also presenting a number of exciting opportunities to boost engagement, loyalty, sales and much more. Here’s five ways how:

Guest WiFi

Truly direct marketing

Direct marketing has always been an important part of any successful marketing strategy, but with free guest WiFi in your business, you can go even further than before. With a captive audience on your network, you can choose to surface any marketing information you desire.You could show space specific advertisements for products, surface special discounts for returning customers or anything else you can imagine. Whilst they’re on site, you could utilise our Guest Engagement Injection Jet to surface promotional videos, run banner ads for your business or promote your social media pages in return for faster WiFi speeds or a special discount. It’s an unprecedented opportunity for businesses, and it’s one you can’t afford to miss out on.

Superior presence & location data

Web design in 2016 is about constant trial and error; attempting to find a format which draws in customers, keeps them there and ultimately sends them towards the payment page. In physical locations, that kind of analytical data has always been missing – until now.With a free WiFi connection, you can automatically detect WiFi enabled devices as they come into your business. Of course, this means a more accurate reading of footfall, but that’s just the start of it. You can also track things like dwell times, bounce rates and repeat vs. new customers.Pair that with Location Based Services and you can even see the routes people take around your business on a digital map! It’s hard to overstate the value of this information to a retail business, who can redesign areas to better increase engagement and boost sales. It’s like Google Analytics for the real world.

Data, data, data

Free guest WiFi systems are great for the obvious, like collecting email addresses of customers on-premises, but that’s far from the only data they surface. By asking customers to fill in a short form, questionnaire or to like you on a social media platform, you can glean huge amounts of information about your customers. Everything from age to likes and dislikes can be collected, helping you to build a highly detailed picture of your customer base – entirely automatically.Its data that simply wouldn’t have been possible to easily acquire in the past, and it’s primed to transform the way that businesses both big and small operate.

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