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Airangel + Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts
Recently, Tariq Valani, Vice President – IT Infrastructure & Operations of Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts, spoke about [...]
Security & Privacy – Why compromise?
Prompted by the inevitable increased interest in the protection of user data caused by the GDPR enforcement, over the last few weeks we [...]
GDPR & Guest Wifi Solutions – Who Are You?
With the enforcement of GDPR less than 48 hours away, the hospitality industry has had a big job on its hands to catch up with the changes [...]
Airangel appoints new Chairman of the Board
Warrington 16th May 2018: Airangel reported today that the Company’s Board of Directors has elected Roger Taylor as Chairman. [...]
WiFi Security Update – What is WPA3?
In October 2017, researchers found something shocking; they discovered a WiFi exploit that affected all modern WiFi networks utilising WPA [...]
The Role of WiFi in Smart Buildings
The trajectory of home broadband has been, quite simply, astonishing. From a rarefied luxury to the ‘fourth utility’, internet in the [...]
Top Five Mistakes Hotels Make with Guest WiFi
It’s 2018 and, if we’re being honest, there’s little excuse for a hotel not to implement a guest WiFi solution. Whether you’re a [...]
How can WiFi Analytics Transform your Business?
Given a magic lamp, most of those working in the commerce and hospitality sectors would wish for 1) more wishes, 2) unlimited funds and 3) [...]
The Importance of Guest Satisfaction Surveys, and how WiFi Can Help
Wherever there are customers being served, there are opinions being generated. They’re judging your quality, service, efficiency and [...]
Optimising operational efficiencies with WiFi
According to the IPA, adults now spend up to eight hours a day online, so it’s no surprise that free, fast and reliable access to your [...]