Public WiFi at an event for 2,000 concurrent users

Providing a Public WiFi solution for 2,000 concurrent users at an event.


When Park Plaza River Bank needed to support 2,000 concurrent users on their public hotel WiFi network at an event they asked Airangel to provide onsite engineers for the duration of the event.

Installing what you need at your event for quality public WiFi.


A couple of days before the event , we installed some temporary Ruckus R300 access points in the breakout areas to offload from the high density dual band 7372 access points that provided the bulk of coverage into the event.

A full spectrum analysis was carried out, and separate 5GHZ SSIDS also set up for the event to ensure we were not relying purely on the band steering functionality of the access points.


Utilising our Candengo 1000 High Available gateway solution, and a state of the art Ruckus AP and Zone Director deployment we provided a faultless Public WiFi experience to the attendees at the event – even managing to support a low latency game of Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare on two Playstations!

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