Streaming – A Game Changer for Guest Room Technology

When it comes to entertainment consumption, there’s one word which sums up the sea change we’ve witnessed over the last decade – streaming.

As ever increasing numbers of us eschew the traditional linear TV and radio model in our homes in favour of a fluid, internet powered viewing experience, the way we view entertainment and the technology we use has changed dramatically.

No longer tied to a physical location and time, streaming technologies like those offered by Google, Sky, Apple, Netflix and more have made the home viewing experience a more varied, exciting and fun endeavour – one which puts choice at the very forefront of our lives.

Needless to say, that’s not the experience that many hotels currently offer.

Instead, the most common guest room entertainment offered at hotels across the world is tired, traditional television, sometimes augmented with pay-per-view content. It’s an outdated model and one which offers none of the flexibility that customers have grown used to in their day-to-day lives.

That’s why the offering customers the opportunity to stream their favourite content right to their in-room television is so powerful. It effectively takes the comforts of home and transports them to their hotel room, something that every hotel aspires towards.

Whether your customer wants to catch up the latest episode of their favourite TV programme, listen to the latest hot podcast or even play a mobile game on the big screen, streaming technology allows for that kind of entertainment. It’s also tremendous for business customers, who can use streaming platforms like Google’s Chromecast to preview presentations on their in-room television or play back meetings as they transcribe the audio.

Enabling this technology requires a certain kind of WiFi, however, and that’s where Airangel comes in. Say hello to the Hotel Home Experience.

The Hotel Home Experience is our specially tailored platform for the hospitality industry, enabling any customer to quickly create a WiFi network almost instantly. When your customer arrives, they sign up once to create their own secure personal network, using a network name of their choice – just like at home.

From there, your customer can connect all their devices to their personal network, enabling streaming to smart TVs, as well as the myriad of other internet based applications in use today. It’s a huge quality of life improvement for your guests, but the Hotel Home Experience doesn’t end there.

The next time your guest visits the hotel, all they need to do is enter their room number and their own personal network is reactivated, instantly connecting their devices back up to the network and getting your guests settled and ready to stream whatever they desire.

The benefits of an Airangel Hotel Home Experience don’t end there though, because the HHE can be linked to your member loyalty database, allowing you to reward your most valuable customers with special offers or treats. Additionally, the My Airangel management software enables Central Authentication for a unified and seamless guest login experience across all hotel properties – regardless of where they are in the world.

Find out how streaming technologies and our Hotel Home Experience can transform your business today by speaking to a member of our customer service team.

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