Notice to all potential Channel Partners in Hospitality
Become a channel partner in Hotel WiFi If your clients are involved in Hospitality, the choice of hotel guest WiFi solution is absolutely [...]
Providing Cheshire WiFi – Cheshire Constabulary at Sci-Tech Daresbury
Blue Light WiFi - Cheshire Constabulary at Sci-Tech Daresbury. On 20th May, 2014, Karl Gilbank will be delivering a speech to the Cheshire [...]
Coffee shops and WiFi
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In-Store retail WiFi – Why in-store WiFi is now essential to all retailers
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WiFi – The Fourth Utility
Gas. Water. Electricity & WiFi It's confirmed that WiFi is ubiquitous and demands of WiFi services have never been higher. The fact is, [...]
Top Quality Guest WiFi at the Ritz London
WiFi Access at The Ritz London For over a century The Ritz London has been the benchmark by which other hotels are measured. It has been [...]
Generator Hostels increase Public WiFi registration
Airangel delivers another successful public WiFi project to Generator Hostels – this time in Ireland. Generator Hostels increase Public [...]
Public WiFi and the law – Why you should provide legally compliant public WiFi.
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