The Importance of Retail WiFi

When it comes to offering WiFi in a retail outlet, there is plenty to consider, from the cost of implementing internet access on a larger scale through to the actual level of custom such a tool is actually likely to attract. Until recently, customer wireless internet access was most commonly offered by businesses in the hospitality trade, yet the increasing need and desire for people to stay connected has meant that a growing number of retail brands are now shifting towards offering online connection to their customers.

So why is it becoming so important?

Attracting custom

One of the biggest battles for any retailer is attracting customers in the first place. By allowing access to WiFi, individuals with little or no interest in your brand will be far less likely to begrudge hanging around while their partners or friends shop. This means that shoppers are more likely to stay within your store for extended periods of time, increasing the chances that purchases will be made.

Many customers will use internet access to check reviews of products before making the decision to buy. In turn, they may well feel far more comfortable purchasing a product from you if they can verify its quality, and those who might otherwise err on the side of caution may instead choose to make a costly purchase.

If individuals know that they can use their phone while in your store, they are more likely to visit more often and stay longer. However, these are not the only benefits of offering focussed WiFi solutions within your retail space.

Brand awareness

There are many ways that  WiFi can help increase brand awareness for a company. Not only can our solutions allow you to actively promote your business the moment a customer logs in, but by offering customers the chance to use a smart device in store, they are also more likely to do a great deal of your promotion for you. Checking in to locations is becoming increasing popular with those using social networking sites. As such, by allowing internet access to your customers, you will be giving them a great opportunity (and good reason) to tell the world exactly where they are. This could in turn vastly increase your brand’s recognition amongst a far wider range of people, boosting your appeal to those who already know you and allowing your name to become familiar to those who as yet don’t.

By placing the right focus on WiFi access, you can also allow customers to find far more data about your company and your products, guiding browsers intuitively to find detailed information about what is on offer and improving the customer experience in the process. Such tools could also make it far easier for you to capture customer information and to target individuals with very specific offers and info.

By advertising your WiFi access to customers and making it easy to log on and register, you may find that not only will customers stay around for longer, but also that they can become far more invested in what you have to offer. By giving them the chance to unlock special offers online, you will also ensure that your customers utilise WiFi for the right reasons and that, in the process, you retain customer loyalty and interest at the very same time.

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