Transforming The Guest Experience Using WiFi

Few can deny that the way we work, live and travel has been fundamentally affected by the dawning on the digital era. Ultrafast broadband in our homes has given way to a more mobile form of Internet usage, characterised by laptops, smartphones and tablets.

More and more, we move through the world under a cloud of WiFi, connecting us to friends, family, work and those around us. It’s presented huge challenges to the hospitality sector too, driving potential customers away from traditional booking procedures and towards comparison sites, leading some to race to the bottom.

However, whilst WiFi and digital technologies have posed challenges for the sector, it’s also opened up incredible opportunities to transform the guest experience for the better.

Driving loyalty

At one point in our recent past, WiFi was a luxury that only the finest hotels offered to their customers. Today, it’s a commodity, an expectation that savvy hoteliers and chains should always look to meet. With that said, WiFi can deliver benefits far beyond the mere meeting of expectations, and can in fact help drive customer loyalty in an age where it seems an almost impossibility.

We speak, of course, about incentivised WiFi. Our WiFi marketing solutions means that you can keep track of returning customers, wherever and whenever they might reappear. With our solution, the system automatically remembers customers and integrates with other hospitality platforms, allowing you to personalise the guest experience.

Actions like that drive loyalty, and with our marketing tools, you could reward your guests every time they log in to WiFi at one of your hotels, instantly improving the guest experience.

Truly understanding your customers

Within the hospitality sector, keeping your customers happy is one of the biggest challenges you face, and doing so with only anecdotal evidence is like fighting with your hands behind your back.

Our Hotel Home Experience enables a world in which your guests can walk into any of your hotels and connect automatically to the WiFi without long forms or complicated hoops, but that’s just the first step.

In their rooms, our Hotel Home Experience innovations mean that with Genisys, each customer gets their own private WiFi network, with their own personal SSID and the ability to cast any of their entertainment from their smartphone, tablet or laptop right to the big screen in their room.

Best of all, this private network reappears whenever and wherever your guest logs in at one of your hotels. It’s this deep understanding of your customers wants and desires which separates our product from the pack.

Optimising from the inside out

The best customer experiences come from the best run teams, and the best run teams in 2016 are powered by digital technologies. Alongside smart WiFi for hotels, smart digital technologies can dramatically improve the experience of your customers.

From integrated commercial systems platforms to cross-channel customer service optimisation, there are hundreds of ways technology can help not only improve the customer experience, but also optimise the back end of your business. Genisys sits right at the heart of all these systems enabling businesses deliver efficiency and a better personalised experience.

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