Event WiFi – Why You Should Consider Providing WiFi at Your Next Event

Event WiFi

With 4G now an almost ubiquitous feature in major cities and towns across the country, it may seem that the need for WiFi is diminishing. However, when it comes to planning your next event, ensuring that wireless internet access is available for guests, attendees or delegates to use could make a huge difference to both what can be achieved and how happy those in attendance are.


WiFi vs 4G

Relying on 4G can be more hassle than it is worth. There is always the potential for networks to experience problems and, even when they are not, too many people trying to access one network from one location may mean that internet content loads much more slowly, if at all. It is also worth noting that if people are counting the pennies that they are spending on getting online, they are far less likely to spend their money with you.

The cost of providing free WiFi access to attendees will be a great deal lower than the cost of each individual using up their own mobile data allowance. With only so much available 4G access in any area, and with most individuals not wanting to use up their monthly allowance in a short space of time, it is not just flexibility that is offered by WiFi. In fact, many event planning experts recommend that it should be as common as offering free water or giving away free pens at events.

The right Event WiFi solution

Offering free internet access does not have to cost you a fortune. The actual outlay is likely to be minimal and it will also be possible to tier the services you offer. A generic, capped access can be given for free with a higher speed option available for those who wish to pay a small amount for the privilege.  And keeping attendees happy and productive is not the only reason why your event might benefit.

Offering free events WiFi will give businesses the perfect chance to capture important information about those attending their event. As well as improving social media reach and bolstering information to capture potential, different solutions can be tailored to meet individual requirements. This means that, no matter what you wish to achieve from your specific event, there will be a solution available to help you reach your goals.

Login via social accounts

The benefits of offering login to WiFi via social media are myriad. With social media platforms now one of the most popular methods by which people interact and share information, creating a personalised portal through which your clients can access the internet is one of the simplest and most effective ways to promote your business and boost traffic to your own social media pages. Not only will connecting WiFi access to social media provide fast login for the user, it also allows for a host of marketing opportunities and extended social outreach. It will provide automated ‘like’ and ‘post to wall’ options that will give your event social exposure on a massive scale and encourage users to talk about your business online.

Standing out

Providing free internet access at an event may also be a good selling point. Such seemingly small perks can make the critical difference to individuals and businesses making decisions on which events to attend.

At Airangel, we offer a range of solutions that can help any event organiser to satisfy their delegates’ needs. With extensive experience in providing Wifi to several of this year’s biggest festivals, we have the expertise and industry know-how to help you stand out in an increasingly competitive arena, increase attendee satisfaction and capture important information about those using your internet connection. The results will almost certainly be worth the investment many times over.


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