Why your restaurant should provide free WiFi

Restaurants and cafes not offering WiFi for customer use are likely to be in the minority today. From allowing individuals to ‘check in’ at your establishment and in turn promote your business right through to giving individuals the chance to check reviews, access special offers and even find out more about the food you have on offer, there are many ways that WiFi could actually allow you to connect with your customers and increase both long-term loyalty and short-term profits.

With so many benefits, there is no doubt that offering easy internet access to customers is a great idea.

The importance of hospitality

Since so many of us now stay in touch via the internet, it may well be that those waiting for friends will need such internet access simply to find out what time others will be joining them. It may also be useful for patrons in such bars and restaurants to get online to find out train times, taxi numbers or a whole array of other information that may affect how long they stay and in turn how much they spend.

The right internet access could help you stand out from the competition and become a far more inviting and accommodating venue for those looking for a meal or a sociable drink. Likewise, those dining or drinking alone will be able to get on with work or interact with others online and in turn will feel far more productive or less self-conscious about being alone.

Retaining customers

Offering WiFi can allow you to generate a great deal of customer loyalty. By providing special offers to those utilising your connection, they may stay longer, visit more frequently and spend more. Utilising WiFi CRM solutions to capture customer details and interests will help you get to know your target audience and promote your business in the future.

The fact that such a facility will attract more customers and lead to greater customer retention means that charging for the use of WiFi will be extremely counter-productive, reducing the chances of individuals returning and lowering the amount customers are likely to spend in each sitting.

Free WiFi can be a great reason to try out somewhere new, an excellent promotional tool and an ingenious way of increasing customer spending. As such, it will be worth far more to a business than it will cost them and may even help increase efficiency should businesses choose to use intuitive tools to help their customers order, pay or browse menus. In turn, not only should it be a free service in your establishment, but it should also be one that is promoted and branded in a very careful way to maximise its potential. At Airangel, we are on hand to help you do just that, in the way that is most suitable for your own specific business needs.

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