WiFi for Retail and Proximity Marketing – Do They Work Together?

Many retail business owners have started noticing what a great idea WiFi for retail is in general. That’s a huge step forward, but why should we stop there? If you own a store, you must understand that, in business, progress means going forward.

Today, going forward seems to be associated with WiFi for retail and proximity marketing.

There’s been some speculation about merging the two ideas, but there hasn’t been enough focus on the subject.

After all, combining them would mean higher investments, so wouldn’t that be a waste?

Well, not necessarily. Before we get to that, let’s clear the air about the concept of proximity marketing, since not everyone is familiar with it.

What Is Proximity Marketing for Retail?

The idea behind this marketing concept is to broadcast your message in the proximity of your store. Of course, you do it in a subtle way.

You achieve this by boosting the range of the WiFi your retail business offers. This way, you broadcast it in a larger area around your place of business. In turn, this will get the attention of people in the vicinity.

These are the people who are your potential customers. 

Now, you might think that this strategy will just lead to people abusing the WiFi plan you have in place.

However, there’s a higher chance that this will provide an incentive for them to come into your store. The incentive only becomes stronger if you broadcast some great product offers when you give them access to your WiFi.

Moreover, we can strengthen the efficiency of your offers and messages with our Engagement Module. Put simply, it will subtly offer your clients tailored content that gets their attention and provides you with feedback.

Also, when it comes to WiFi for retail nowadays, there’s already competition, so gaining an advantage is mandatory.

Plus, if you offer WiFi in the proximity of your business, you might get the attention of your competition’s potential clients as well.

Do You Now See How It Ties into WiFi for Retail?

WiFi for retail already boosts the likability of your business. After all, it:

  • Improves your image by showing clients how much you are willing to offer them (people place a lot of value on free Internet access nowadays).
  • Allows you to boost sales by broadcasting all sorts of product deals.
  • Gives you access to valuable analytics that allow you to market to specific customers and ensure your staff members will not be idle for too long.

You can see how adding proximity marketing into the mix will only improve your client acquisition process in the long run. Why wait for them to come to you when you can give them a great incentive to speed things up?

We can help you reach your clients

When it comes to WiFi for retail, we’ve got you covered. We’ve designed a platform that aims to meet everyone’s demands, without forcing anything they don’t want. Simply put, you’ll be able to choose which modules you want to use.

We’ve got just the right module for you. The Location and Presence Module will give you the freedom to create alerts that are triggered by your customers’ behavior. That, and you’ll get access to valuable heatmaps.

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