WiFi Made Easy : No Portal means No Complaints

The Captive Portal

Here at Airangel we’d bet money that if you are running a hospitality WiFi service, you will be no stranger to the Captive Portal: That infuriating page that stops your guests getting on the internet.

Now ask yourself why you have it. You don’t place barriers in the way of purchasing a drink or meal. You don’t put combination locks on the Mini Bars. You more than likely have it because you were sold a WiFi solution by a company that follows the trends and lacks the innovation to provide what your guest want.

When speaking to most GM’s we hear that the hotels wants a WiFi solution that’s reliable, easy to use and requires the least involvement from the hotel. They want their guests to be happy.

Connect and Go!

Funnily enough, the guests want exactly the same which is why here at Airangel, we’ve dropped the Captive Portal.

That’s rights, your guests just connect to the Wireless network and they are on-line. No login screens, no waiting for captive portals to pop up. Just simple, easy to use WiFi just like they have at home.

Simple, but not lacking

Even without a portal, Genisys v2.0 allows you to track new and repeat customers, view who is online, track usage and provide per device bandwidth restrictions.

Genisys V2 Dashboard

You can provide bandwidth ‘boosts’ by having the customer perform a facebook checkin to your venue, sign up for a newsletter or simply reward repeat customer with automatic speed increases the more they use.


Get the Most from your WiFi

Rolling out the future of WiFi is not a complicated process; simply replace your existing Gateway with one of our Candengo gateways – thats it. Our solution works with all of the leading access points on the markets.

What are you waiting for, request a Demo of Genisys v2.0 by contacting Airangel on +44 1925 611 061 or check out our pre-release Microsite at http://www.wifimadeeasy.co.uk

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