WiFi for Retail – What You Need to Keep in Mind in 2016

The new year brings new opportunities and strategies meant to help you better engage with customers and create a better experience for them. That being said, you shouldn’t just throw the tactics you’ve been successfully using until now out the window. In this article, we are going to talk about how to use WiFi for retail in order to maximize customer satisfaction and productivity.

The more bandwidth, the better

What a lot of retailers don’t seem to know is that just setting up a network isn’t necessarily enough. Your goal should be to have enough bandwidth so that the WiFi can support a large number of customers who are constantly using apps on their phones.

Video streaming might seem unnecessary, but keep in mind that customers might want to use it for all sorts of reasons. Maybe someone wants to send a video to their friends, or show them the available products in real time. Maybe your customers would just like to play a short game on their phones, or update their status on social media. Maybe they get an urgent call on Skype that they need to answer. All of these things eat up bandwidth.

Whatever the reason, customers will appreciate good internet connection. They’ll remember the store, and most likely come again.

The invaluable information provided by WiFi for retail

When customers use your network, they’re also giving you access to a whole lot of information about them, such as their interests and preferences.

When you put all this information together, you get a detailed and accurate buyer persona. Knowing the preferences and wishes of your customers can help you better cater to their specific needs without having to make them fill in questionnaires, or using other annoying ways of gathering data.

WiFi for retail is not only convenient for customers, it’s also an exceptionally good tool that will help you better understand your audience, and how to make them happy.

All this information I shared with you is general or public in nature, and I probably don’t need to tell you this, but you should never invade someone’s privacy.

An easy way to engage with clients

The data we’ve just talked about doesn’t have to be used only to help you come up with a better store layout and see which products are most popular.

Once you get to know the clientele better, why not interact with them more?

Today’s consumers aren’t just tech-savvy, they also like it when companies reach out directly to them, and interact with them.

Smart retailers know this, and use their data to send out personalized coupons and news about the products they know their clients like. Through their network, these retailers can engage with people without being too invasive or annoying.

This can effectively boost your brand’s awareness, since it will improve the way people view your company. For example, you could offer the people connected to your network the chance to earn a coupon by checking in on social media. Clients will be happy they got a coupon and will feel personally appreciated by the company, and the store will get some free publicity.

That is just an example, your imagination is the only limit that you’ll face when exploring the opportunities made possible by WiFi for retail.

In conclusion, you should make it a priority to get some better routers so that your clients can enjoy fast internet.

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