How Will WiFi for Retail Help You Connect With Your Customers

The way customers view businesses has changed in recent times. One of the reasons behind this is the fact that now, because of the internet, it’s much easier to connect with them. The Internet has proven to be a valuable tool to enhance communication, even when the customer is in a physical store.

Because of these new possibilities, customers expect businesses to be more open and fully transparent. Many companies were glad to oblige in order to live up to expectations. But now we want to focus on you as a retailer, and what you can do to better connect with your customers via public networking.

Create a loyalty program

One of the great advantages of having WiFi for retail is that you can keep track of who has been at your store, and how often. Based on this data, you can create a system for rewarding frequent and loyal customers.

The benefits of this should be pretty obvious, the clients will feel appreciated and have a strong incentive to continue to shop at your store.

The prizes don’t necessarily have to be big or pricey, a discount or a coupon will do just fine. For customers, it’s the gesture itself that counts.

Simply recognizing their loyalty and thanking them will have a major effect. 

WiFi for retail should come with personal messages

This isn’t a must, but it takes very little effort to implement, and the effects are considerable. When someone connects to your network, regardless if they’re actually in the store, or just connect from somewhere nearby, you could have a message pop up on their devices.

This doesn’t have to be something too complicated, and it definitely shouldn’t be hard to close or dismiss. Otherwise, it will just annoy customers.

The idea is to make customers feel welcomed to the store. It’s also a great opportunity to tell them about the sales or contests that you’re currently having, since this might further boost their interest in the store.

One of the main reasons people browse the Internet while inside a store is to find product reviews. Another way you could help your customers out is to provide links to reviews with the messages you send. If you have the time and resources, you might even want to create a page on your website where people can post reviews. This way, customers who want a second opinion will go on your site, boosting your business even further.

Forms and suggestion boxes

While they might not approach a store employee to do it, many customers are willing to leave feedback and suggestions. That’s why it’s a good idea to have these things ready and available to them at all times.

And what better method of doing this than through WiFi for retail?

While you can collect great data just by having customers connect to you WiFi, the best way to get feedback is still to ask them. Your network is the perfect platform to do this, so get creative and create a form they can easily fill out. You could even offer a small reward to thank them for the time they spent helping you improve your tactics.

AirAngel can provide you with the tools that you’ll need in order to turn these ideas into reality. Request a demo, and see which services would fit your needs best.

However, the vision is yours, so don’t be afraid to try new things and see what sticks.

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