WiFi for Universities

For many universities, having WiFi throughout the campus and student halls is of high priority. Students now own more connected devices than ever before, each likely to have laptops, games consoles, tablets, smart phones, and wireless printers. Ensuring that these devices can easily connect, and providing a seamless WiFi experience throughout the site can pose several challenges.

No matter where you are on campus, whether it be in the public work spaces, the gym, the bars and cafes, or around the outside spaces, you are likely to want WiFi connectivity. More so for overseas students who are less likely to have inexpensive data or roaming included in their mobile plan. In addition, by taking control of the connectivity, universities can collect user data and contact details of those using the network.

Bay Universoty Login (laptop and phone)

Get more from your WiFi

Visitors to the university such as those attending open days or conferences that connect to the WiFi are asked to provide an email address (plus further details if required), or login via social media. This information can be directly linked to the CRM system or chosen marketing platform allowing the university marketing teams to maximize on ongoing communication to prospective students or businesses. Our conference WiFi manager also allows you to easily set up network names and define conference zones.

Information for visitors and students can be displayed on the login or landing pages keeping everyone up-to-date with what is going on in and around the university.

By having a single WiFi network throughout the facility means that users only need to login once. Each time they move between zones, from the library to the gym for example, they stay connected without the need to login again.

Personal Area Networks for student residencies

Genisys, our easy-to-use management platform, allows residents to have connectivity and their own private network from day one. Building managers or residents have the option to easily upgrade internet packages and available bandwidth in just a few clicks.

Students are assigned their own private SSID from day one. Before they arrive, their details are added to the WiFi management console. Once added they receive a simple text email with their personal network name and password. There are no contracts to sign and they can get online right away. As with any home wireless network, students can securely connect all of their devices and stream media to Smart TV or Chromecast type devices. When they leave, they are simply removed from the system and the network is ready to be reassigned to the newcomer with a brand new password.