Extending your social media reach through WiFi CRM

The term customer relationship management (or CRM) is fairly self-explanatory and, as one would expect, the process is all about managing the relationship that a business has with its customers. This is not just about offering good customer service, however; it is about meeting and surpassing expectations and ensuring that a brand is viewed in a positive light.

When it comes to offering WiFi, it may seem that there is little that can be done to improve a user’s experience, yet the benefits of giving individuals free internet access are actually numerous.

The power of WiFi

First off, offering internet access to customers will have a big impact on what they say about you. Customers who are given free online access are more likely to check themselves into your location on social media and, in the process, promote your business for you.

This means that by offering free WiFi, you may extend your social media reach without having to lift another finger. Instead of needing to have your own marketing personnel constantly updating your business profile pages, uploading new pictures or statuses, your own clients will be doing the hard work for you. Since the general public are more likely to trust a third party recommendation than a company’s own advertising materials, such reach can make a significant difference.


Allowing individuals to update their statuses, check themselves into your premises online or upload pictures with your logo and brand colours in plain sight are not the only ways that WiFi can significantly improve social media reach. By creating an intuitive portal through which clients can access the internet, you can also ensure that your own social media pages are effectively bolstered. While it may be off-putting for individuals to have to fill out a huge amount of personal information before they are able to access your WiFi, asking them to like or follow a social media page before they are able to log on will take them no time at all. The result will be that you have a direct link to customers who actually use your business, giving you a great deal more chance of reaching your real customer base online in the future.

While offering free internet access may indeed make you more attractive than your competitors, it should also allow you to more effectively market your business, both in the short-term and the long.

Integrating social media into the user experience when individuals log on will allow you to reap many extra rewards. For example, such access will even prompt users to talk about your business online since they will automatically be taken to social media platforms. The more you focus your internet access, the better your relationship management is likely to be, and the more effective your social outreach will become as a result.

At Airangel, we have a range of innovative WiFi solutions to allow you to better reach those who will truly have an interest in what you offer, whether they are already a loyal customer or whether they simply have the potential to be.


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