Best Practice WiFi Portal Design

Airangel’s WiFi Portal Best Practice Guidelines

Get the most out of your WiFi infrastructure, download our Best Practice WiFi Portal Design guide.

Why is my portal design so important?

So you’ve invested considerable time, resource and effort into design the perfect WiFi infrastructure for your business or organisation. Your “WiFi portal” is you, your brand and your introduction to many… We’re here to help you get it right and get the most from your visitors.Portal-Example-Best-Practice

It’s not just a mechanism for getting people online.


– It’s branding tool

– It’s a marketing tool

– It’s a CRM Data management tool

– It’s a social awareness tool

So it’s got to look and perform at its best. So what options are available for adding a WiFi Portal to Genisys?


– Use one of our best practice templates and add your own branding.

– Have our design team modify our “basic” template with your branding*.

– Have our design team customise our “Pro” template with your branding*.

– Have our design team create a “bespoke” template on your design*.

– Finally code your own portal design adhering to our best practice guidelines.

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