Free Public WiFi – A Convenience or a Security Concern?

Now, more than ever, the state of our digital security is a topic at the very forefront of our minds. From big news hacks like those of Sony and the DNC to exposes of state spying on digital communications, the privacy of our web connections has grown to become a crucial talking point.

Despite that, mobile Internet is now such a large part of our lives that we simply can’t do without it. On the go, 87% of us connect to more than one network a day, with 83% getting on WiFi at hotels and 72% connecting at cafes.

Perhaps most startling of all, despite the fact that 91% of us perceive public WiFi as unsecure, 89% of us still use it anyway – indicating a public who have resigned themselves to a compromised product simply for the sake of convenience.

But what if you could offer your customers a WiFi solution that didn’t sacrifice security for convenience? That solution is Genisys.

Security matters.

When we think about the things each of us do on a public WiFi, the potential for abuse is immense. 83% of us view email, much of which will be private. 42% of us even put in our bank card details whilst on public WiFi. Oh, and it goes without saying, we’re forever inputting our secure passwords.

At Airangel we consider the security of every single person who uses our connections crucial, which is why we’ve worked hard to ensure that all traffic through our network is encrypted for safety.

Why is this important?

When scammers and hackers strike through public WiFi, the blame is spread far and wide. First of all, 85% blame themselves. Secondly, 32% blame the WiFi provider. Thirdly, and most damaging for your business, 24% blame the venue directly. That can lead to loss of business, threats of legal action and (thanks to social media) a swift blow to public perception of your business.

Why should businesses adopt secure WiFi?

Unfortunately, for many businesses, any WiFi is good WiFi. Though customers don’t trust public WiFi, they still use it, leading many to question why they’d emphasise security at all.

The reasoning is clear – secure public WiFi creates trust in you, your brand and your business. As a business owner, you’ll know that’s one of the greatest challenges you face. It can take years to build up a reputation as a fair, reputable and trustworthy operation. However, in one fell swoop, it can vanish entirely.

Most of all though, secure WiFi can actually drive more people to your business than ever before. In a survey carried out amongst consumers, people were asked whether they’d switch WiFi brands for better security and performance. Their answer was unanimously yes.

A remarkable 70% of consumers said that they would switch hotels for greater security, whilst 68% and 30% respectively said they’d switch cafes or change airlines for the feature.

Clearly then, secure public WiFi is not just a background noise, it’s a key area of focus for consumers, and one you can’t afford to avoid.

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