How Offering Free Guest WiFi can benefit your Business
Guest WiFi There’s been no shortage of digital ink spilled over the value of providing a fast, secure and free WiFi connection for your [...]
A visit from Helen Jones MP to our head office in Warrington
A local success story Helen Jones MP meets with Dean Wilkinson and Karl Gilbank - 24-10-14 It was a pleasure welcoming Helen Jones MP to [...]
The Annual Hotel Conference (The AHC)
The Leading Conference for the UK Hotel Industry. Day 1 of The AHC (The Annual Hotel Conference) #AHC2014 kicked off at midday [...]
Best Practice WiFi Portal Design
Airangel’s WiFi Portal Best Practice Guidelines Get the most out of your WiFi infrastructure, download our Best Practice WiFi Portal [...]
MyAirangel WiFi Update | v0.11!
    Airangel August Update What's new in V0.11 Yesterday we released an update for Genisys, v0.11! In this version there [...]
Hospitality WiFi – When only the best will do – WiFi at the Ritz London
WiFi at The Ritz London | Case Study Delivering exceptional Hospitality WiFi service to guests with Airangel For over a century The Ritz [...]
Providing Cheshire WiFi – Cheshire Constabulary at Sci-Tech Daresbury
Blue Light WiFi - Cheshire Constabulary at Sci-Tech Daresbury. On 20th May, 2014, Karl Gilbank will be delivering a speech to the Cheshire [...]
In-Store retail WiFi – Why in-store WiFi is now essential to all retailers
Retail customers need and expect In-Store Retail WiFi  internet to be available, everywhere, all the time. Great, but how can you as a [...]