Utilising Airangel WiFi to Improve the Rental Experience

It’s a tough time for the private rental sector at the moment. With more competition than ever in the apartment space and a review culture beginning to hit landlords who don’t stay receptive to the needs of their tenants, there have rarely been tougher times.

Whether you’re operating a single building or have a larger portfolio, staying attentive to what modern tenants demand from their rental experience is crucial.

One modern essential is WiFi. It’s been years since it became a virtual necessity and, today, it’s a utility which powers modern life. For many of us, it simply wouldn’t be possible to work, relax or entertain without a functional WiFi network.

Of course, whilst tenants are used to sourcing their own WiFi, there is another solution – one which can improve the rental experience for your tenants.

We speak, of course, about our private rental sector WiFi solutions, where you provide whole-building WiFi to your tenants. Working alongside developers and property managers, we’ve launched market-leading wireless and broadband solutions to clients across the world.

But how can our WiFi solution improve the rental experience? Let’s take a look at a few of the biggest ways.

Individual Networks for Each Apartment

Traditional WiFi solutions typically rely on a single, building-wide network to service every single apartment.

Whilst this might have been workable a few years ago, the demands on wireless networks have changed dramatically in recent years. Today, we hook up multiple devices to our network so they can communicate with each other. It’s the Internet of Things, and it allows us to do things like send our music to connected speakers and quickly send Netflix from our phone to our TV.

Unfortunately though, these use-cases aren’t possible when all apartments are sharing a connection.

It’s why our solution allows residents to have their own private WiFi network, alongside a separate guest network in communal spaces.

Not only does this enable the latest generation of smart electronics, but it also works to safeguard your tenants from any WiFi snooping threats.

Instant, No Fuss Connectivity

Moving house can be stressful for anyone, which is why it’s so vital when you arrive that the basics are in place.

Many apartment buildings now bundle heating, electricity and water into their monthly fee, enabling tenants to enjoy a degree of comfort from the moment they move in. So, why not WiFi too?

With Airangel, the moment your tenant moves in, they’ll have their private SSID up and ready to go. No contracts to sign, no boxes to set up – just instant, fast WiFi that you control and price.

Easily Upgraded WiFi Packages

Everyone has different demands from their WiFi, and so being able to change their WiFi package in an instant is a huge benefit to tenants – one which they can’t get through a traditional ISP.

With Airangel, residents have the option to instantly upgrade their internet package and available bandwidth, simply logging in to their upgrade portal and selecting their package to do so.

It’s perfect for Netflix-addicts and because you’re in control, you can set the packages and prices yourself, effortlessly generating additional revenue.

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