Why a Professional WiFi Survey Benefits YOUR business

If you are looking into a new WiFi solution a Professional WiFi Survey will provide all the information you’ll need.

You are a multi floor hotel, a holiday lodge park or a community centre… the situation is clear – your business needs WiFi. Your customers want WiFi. This priority, this necessity will not stop landing on your desk until you get this service implemented. You need a Professional WiFi Survey carrying out…

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As quoted in the daily telegraph a few weeks ago “remote workers are more concerned about the availability of free WiFi than the quality of coffee in coffee shops, new research has found”. “60 percent saying WiFi was the number one reason influencing their coffee shop choice”.

The same applies to your customers – it reflects the services within your business so naturally you contact providers for an overall price.

Unfortunately you are not just a single floor/single room establishment that just needs one hotspot device to provide coverage. You need a system wide network – a professional survey will be needed for an overall cost.

A Professional WiFi Survey is what you need.

A survey benefits both parties: The Provider and the Business. As a WiFi Provider it ensures we understand your requirements and the network we build matches that. A survey helps overcomes the challenges that the establishment may present – we may find that the material structure within your walls actually stops a WiFi signal from penetrating and limits your coverage. The result? The customer you promised a good service to in a certain area of the building is now dissatisfied before they even enjoy their stay. The overall outcome of a survey ensures that the correct hardware is used, everything is documented and you as a Business can be fully supported by our support team.

Let’s imagine for a moment that you did not want a survey and you wanted to bypass this process with a provider willing to do so based on indicative costs. The network engineers may visit your establishment and they might find that the hardware indicatively allocated does not fit your requirements. They may find something that was priced at £1,000 is actually going to cost £10,000 and because there is no documentation the work they carried out may mean the WiFi you wanted is not actually the WiFi you will get.

Benefits of a Professional WiFi Survey

  • – The network matches your requirements.
  • – To achieve overcoming challenges that may limit coverage or signal.
  • – Heat mapping to prove coverage is achieved.
  • – Full documentation for the present and the future.
  • – The Provider and the Business knows where the required works will be installed.
  • – You can be fully supported by the provider’s support teams.
  • – Correct hardware is used, quoted and fits inside the requirements.
  • – Finally and most importantly you are happy and your CUSTOMERS are happy.

The benefits of having a WiFi professional survey heavily out weighs not having one which is why as a guest WiFi provider we will only carry out network wide service installations after a survey is conducted.

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