WiFi for Universities

For many Universities and Colleges, having WiFi throughout the campus and student halls is of high priority. No matter where you are on campus, whether it be in the public work spaces, the gym, the bars and cafes, or around the outside spaces, visitors and students are likely to want WiFi connectivity. More so for overseas students who are less likely to have inexpensive data or roaming included in their mobile plan. In addition, by taking control of the connectivity, universities can collect user data and contact details of those using the network and use the in-built marketing tools to engage with visitors, students, and faculty.

Captivnet can run over the same WLAN infrastructure as the existing staff and student WiFi network on a separate SSID.

Bay Universoty Login (laptop and phone)


Universities and Colleges are used both in and outside term times to host events and conferences; and are likely to receive a significant number or visitors each year. Often these visitors are completely unknown the facility and hold huge potential for the promotion of courses, services, and would benefit from having timely and relevant information sent to them whilst they are on the campus.

With the event manager tool, event organisers can offer secure and encrypted WIFi that is simple to administer. SSIDs can be personalised for specific events and can provide monetisation options. Multiple conferences and events can be catered for, each having their own private network allocated to their own rooms, halls and zones. The bandwidth can be set to accommodate the number of expected users ensuring a consistent quality of service for all attendees.

Login pages, custom SSIDs, and URL redirects can be created and allocated to each event, providing sponsorship opportunities where 3rd parties or event organisers can promote their brand and content.

The marketing tools can be used to send automated email and SMS messages to attendees when they log in, scheduled to send throughout the day, or with the inclusion of Location Based Service, as they move from zone to zone.

Personal Area Networks for student residencies

Genisys, our easy-to-use management platform, allows residents to have connectivity and their own private network from day one. Building managers or residents have the option to easily upgrade internet packages and available bandwidth in just a few clicks.

Students are assigned their own private SSID from day one. Before they arrive, their details are added to the WiFi management console. Once added they receive a simple text email with their personal network name and password. There are no contracts to sign and they can get online right away. As with any home wireless network, students can securely connect all of their devices and stream media to Smart TV or Chromecast type devices. When they leave, they are simply removed from the system and the network is ready to be reassigned to the newcomer with a brand new password.


Injection Jets – Banners, menus, icons, videos, and links that appear in the browser as the guest is online and surfing the internet. Impression and click-through reports can be viewed to help optimise engagement.

Email & SMS – After a guest or student has authenticated onto the network, email and SMS messages can be sent welcoming them, providing key information, or scheduled to keep them updated about other services and promotions.

Surveys – Visitors and students can be directed to satisfaction surveys that are created in the WiFi management dashboard. Easily monitor feedback and create alerts based on the results.

URL redirects – Redirect guests and student as they login to any webpage. This can include pages detailing services, third-party advertising or sponsored pages, or to registration pages.

Branded portal pages – The login pages that guest see when they connect to the WiFi provide an opportunity to showcase the brand and display localised information about the individual hotels. Login forms can be edited to ask any number of question to gain relevant information relating to the user.

Location Tracking – Devices and users can be tracked around the venue and have targeted messages sent to them depending on their location. For security purposes alerts can be triggered if devices are detected being removed from their fixed location, or if a device is detected entering restricted areas.