Introducing The Hotel Home Experience

Imagine a world where you could walk into any hotel in a chain and easily connect to the WiFi, with no long forms to fill out or having to remember different usernames or passwords.

What if you could stream your own movies and content straight to the big screen in your room? Today, that is exactly how we want WiFi to work.

Our latest innovation allows each guest to have their own private WiFi network, which follows them to any of your hotels where Genisys is installed, no matter where in the world they are. Our solution opens up possibilities for guests to securely connect all of their devices just like at home. Unlike traditional hotel WiFi solutions, the guest’s devices, and even the Smart TV, are visible to each other over the secure personal network. This means content can be easily shared, allowing movies from services such as Netflix to be streamed directly to the big TV. Guests can even connect their gaming consoles, Chromecasts, or streaming music players.


Guest loyalty & satisfaction

Your loyal guests deserve something extra. The Hotel Home Experience can be linked to your loyalty member database, allowing you to reward your most valuable customers.

The Hotel Home Experience can also be a valuable incentive to encourage loyalty membership registrations and to boost satisfaction ratings.

Central Authentication & Roaming

In order to protect or strengthen a brand it is vitally important that customers have the same great experience no matter which of your hotels they are visiting. Guests don’t want to have to log in each time they visit using a different set of forms, or providing a different set of credentials to get online. Your guests just want to connect automatically as soon as they arrive and easily connect all of their devices, just like at home. This presents a challenge for many hotel brands, particularly when the WiFi is managed at the individual properties and often by different providers.

Central Authentication is a way for hotel brands to have a consistent guest login experience across all of their properties. It is also about having the ability to easily manage and report on each site from a single dashboard. Loyal guests are remembered and identified by their device. They are automatically granted access to the secure network and on their chosen internet package. Loyalty members can be rewarded with free access to premium packages that deliver more speed or time online.

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