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A good quality guest WiFi connection is reported as being one of the most sought after hotel amenities by today’s travellers. Guests rely on connectivity for business, entertainment, and to stay connected to friends and family; the demands they put on the network is increasing as many people travel with multiple devices and use data hungry services such as movie streaming, video chat, and multiple mobile apps. If there is any disruption to the WiFi service, or it becomes too congested to cope with the high demand, then this will be an instant cause for complains and reviews which reflect badly on the hotel and brand.

According to one study by REVINATE back in 2014: 

“We found that internet-related reviews have lower average scores (3.8 vs 4.0) than reviews that don’t mention Internet services, suggesting that when the Internet is mentioned in a review, it is normally seen as a drawback to the hotel experience. A deeper look into the data reveals that internet-related reviews seem to most negatively affect the occurrence of 5 star reviews.”

Our solutions are centred around the guest experience. We believe that this is the number one priority for hotels and we have designed our products to ensure that guests receive the best possible service.

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Guest WiFi

Better Guest Engagement

Our guest engagement tools are designed to underpin the overall guest experience. They are to ensure that vital information, details of hotel services, F&B promotions, and loyalty programs are

delivered to guests and visitors whilst they are on property, or as part of ongoing marketing campaigns. These tools are proven to help generate upsell opportunities and increase loyalty program registrations. In addition, we provide a survey option to quickly capture guest feedback and to alert staff if there are any issues, which can then be intercepted and rectified to help maintain positive satisfaction scores.

“To truly understand the customer experience, we must view technology and interactions through the lens of the customer. Technology provides the enabling platform. However, interactions must be designed from the customer’s point of view, not the operator’s. This customer-centric perspective requires that hotels and restaurants integrate mobility and analytics in order to create personal experiences that provide real value.”

Customer Engagement Technology Study, Hospitality Technology, 2016

Improved Operational Efficiency

Using data driven services is key to providing operational efficiencies in a modern hotel or across an entire estate of hotels. It is often the case that hospitality organisations have multiple systems in place to help shape efficiency and to keep detailed records about guests and their preferences. By leveraging the data collected and by continually finding new ways to augment and add to the guest profile can really help shape the way the operational strategy is designed.

Our guest WiFi solutions contribute to a hotelier’s ability to collect vital information about guests. The key to this process is the ability to link device data with guests. Each time they visit and interact with the WiFi network, and by providing additional key pieces of information such as email addresses, or by completing surveys, the data can be collected to complete the guest profile; it can be stored, analysed and used to optimise the guest experience. Alerts and triggers based on guest profiles and their interaction with the hotel can be implemented to improve customer services, help remove human error, and provide a more personalised experience.

Location based analytics and presence analytics add a new layer to traditional reporting tools and can drive significant improvements to operational procedures. Reports demonstrate how guests move around the property, where they dwell and for how long, it can also be used to create triggers and alerts. Hotel managers could be alerted to the arrival of a VIP, or additional staff could be deployed automatically when guest numbers increase in certain areas such as the bar or in the lobby.

Hotel WiFi Network
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There are number of ways in which the guest WiFi network can be used to generate additional revenue and to recoup their initial investment. In the simplest form, charges can be added for the use of the WiFi, or as is more popular choice, provide tiers including a free service with premium upgrade options. It must be noted that in either case charging for WiFi is not always the best option for many hotel brands. Because of this, hotels need to look to new ways to use the WiFi network to help increase revenues.

Monetisation options:

  • Sponsored landing pages and third-party advertising.
  • Using engagement tools to upsell hotel products and services.
  • Drive loyalty memberships by directing WiFi users to program benefits and registration pages.
  • Dynamic landing pages can be set up and personalised, by using the data collected, to display relevant and targeted offers.

Increase Loyalty

Increasing loyalty memberships isn’t just about directing guest to registration pages. Guests will only opt into loyalty membership programs if they are truly satisfied with their experience. We know that guest that have a poor internet connection are more likely to be dissatisfied. Therefore, it is only natural to assume that a good guest WiFi experience will have a positive impact. As previously outlined, there are many contributions that can be made to improve the guest experience.

By combining all of the incremental improvements that the WiFi network can provide to the overall guest experience, and by using the tools to promote the loyalty membership program, then typical conversion rates will certainly increase. By how much can be easily calculated by tracking the increased numbers of guests that visit the membership pages and applying the typical conversion rates.

If this figure can be increased by as little as 1%, how much additional revenue will this generate for your organisation?

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