Transforming the guest experience

Airangel provides cloud based hotel WiFi and captive portal solutions that enable easy internet access for your guests, real time customer engagement, and a suite of marketing tools and reports. In addition, our networking tools allow you to manage your entire wireless estate across multiple sites and hardware types, ensuring you have complete control.

Our admin portal at the heart of our solution is an easy-to-use management tool that gives you the ability to choose how your guests or visitors access the Internet and informs you precisely what is happening on your network.

By integrating the Airangel solution with other hospitality systems, by sharing and combining the guest data, and defining data driven actions, opens up real opportunities to redefine and personalise the guest experience.

Airangel WiFi solutions

Airangel's leading cloud-managed wireless solutions for enterprise hospitality, large public venues, and PRS & MDUs

WiFi Packages

You can set access to be free or paid and set limits on time and bandwidth

Data Collection

See useful user and network reports. Export user contact email addresses

Marketing Tools

Integrate with email marketing platforms conference settings and CRM

Guest Engagement

Real-time communication with your guests via browser Injection Jets and email marketing integration


Guest can auto-connect when visiting other hotels in the group

Conference Management

Tools to create multiple WiFi networks in a single venue with options to create network names for sponsorship opportunities

Monetisation Options

Control over charges for WiFi and any limits required on duration and bandwidth


See how your hotel could benefit from our WiFi solutions

Guest Journey

GeniSys allows venue managers to choose and customise which captive portal pages and login methods are presented to guests. We know that most users want to get online as quickly as possible, with the least amount of form filling and friction. That’s why we have designed our system to get guests online with ease. Our login options include email, one-click, social, and auto-connect, where return visitors connect automatically as soon as they walk in. Return visitors can be presented with a personalised welcome back message that recognises them as a loyal guest.

For each new and returning visitor that connects to the system, we collect data such as email addresses, device details – including MAC address, number of previous visits, publically available demographic data (if social login is selected), and the other venues visited in the same group or chain.

Conference Manager

With GeniSys’s conference manager tool, event organisers can offer secure and encrypted WIFi that is simple to administer. SSIDs can be personalised for specific events and can provide monetisation options. Multiple conferences and events can be catered for, each having their own private network allocated to their own rooms, halls and zones. The bandwidth can be set to accommodate the number of expected users ensuring a consistent quality of service for all attendees.

Login pages, custom SSIDs, and URL redirects can be created and allocated to each event, providing sponsorship opportunities where 3rd parties or event organisers can promote their brand and content.

Group of people watching video on the mobile phone while sitting at outdoor cafe. Three young friends sitting outdoors and looking at smartphone.

Guest Engagement

Injection Jets – Banners, menus, icons, videos, and links that appear in the browser as the guest is online and surfing the internet. The timings can be set for how often they appear so that they do not become obtrusive. Impression and click-through reports can be viewed to help optimise engagement.

Email & SMS – After a guest has authenticated onto the network, email and SMS messages can be sent directly to the guest welcoming them to the hotel, or scheduled to keep them updated about hotel services and promotions. Triggers can also be created based on the guest’s location in the hotel. All the email and other contact data can be integrated with external engagement and marketing platforms.

Surveys – Guests can be directed to satisfaction surveys that are created in the WiFi management dashboard. Easily monitor guest feedback and create alerts based on the results. This enables hotel staff to intercept and resolve any issues that a guest may be experiencing to help preserve overall satisfaction scores.

URL redirects – Redirect guests as they login to any webpage. This can include pages detailing hotel promotions and services, third-party adverting or sponsored pages, or to loyalty membership registration pages.

Branded portal pages – The login pages that guest see when they connect to the WiFi provide an opportunity to showcase the hotel brand and display localised information about the individual hotels.