Why choose Airangel as your IHG Connect service provider?

Airangel employs a team of skilled engineers with numerous qualifications and certifications from the leading network infrastructure manufacturers.  This level of expertise ensures that all IHG Connect installations are completed by fully qualified staff using a method of defined project control that adheres to the ISO9001 2015 standards.

Working for your success

It is Airangel’s belief that every installation is a joint venture with each customer, and communication between us and the customer is the most important factor to the success of each project. We also understand that your WiFi is critical to your customers. Problems getting guests online reflect badly on your brand and your satisfaction ratings. Therefore, it is our mission to ensure that your customers have a consistent, good quality internet connection throughout the property and any arising issues are dealt with as quickly as possible.

Desirable Hotel amenities
Desirable hotel amenities
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About IHG Connect

IHG Connect is IHG’s industry leading guest internet solution. IHG Connect delivers a fast, reliable, and consistent hotel internet experience by combining three pillars:

  • A dedicated, fibre connection for increased bandwidth
  • State-of-the-art, cloud-based WiFi technology
  • Airangel as your dedicated WiFi Service Partner

A key feature of IHG Connect is the auto guest recognition feature for IHG Rewards Club® members, where guests only need to authenticate once to access hotel WiFi at all IHG Connect-enabled hotels.

Key Benefits

  • IHG Connect provides a seamless internet experience for guests and offers faster, consistent, and more reliable WiFi at IHG hotels
  • IHG Rewards Club members can access WiFi in any IHG Connect – enabled hotel by entering their Rewards Club credentials and be automatically recognized for future visits
  • Existing IHG Connect hotels have seen significant uplift in their guest internet satisfaction scores
  • Automatic recognition of IHG Rewards Club members
  • Consistent, dedicated bandwidth to accommodate increased demand and volume
  • Proactive, 24/7 cloud-based monitoring reduces need for on-site technical support
  • Standardised SLAs with Airangel for guaranteed quality installation and support
  • Future-proofed technology
  • Leverage IHG scale to provide, negotiated pricing

1st Class Support

All our customers have access to our highly skilled Customer Support Team, who are dedicated to ensuring all support requests are undertaken and managed within the agreed SLA timescales. We operate telephone, email, and online support with a clear escalation process. Progress on tickets with regular updates can be viewed on our online portal.

Our Customer Support Portal gives you access to a secure web portal to easily submit tickets and requests at any time directly into our 24-hour customer support centre.

The portal provides real-time communication from our customer services team, ensuring you are fully informed of the progress of any support requests. In addition, you have easy access to self-help documents so that you can quickly troubleshoot any minor issues.